Tuesday, July 31, 2012

London Olympics: Benedikte Wins Prize For Most Faithful Team Denmark Supporter; Henrik Does His Bit with Humour

"Hahahahaha, hahahaha, you've seen the size of my daughter-in-law's presque-zizi! Hahahaha!" 

No sign of Mary today. Was she locked in her cabin on the Dannebrog (docked at West India Docks) as punishment for wearing an Australian flag pin or prancing in front of the Aussie athletes? Is she getting an emergency beauty or personality treatment? Is she off shopping the sales, finding lots of 70% off made-in-China Olympics trinkets for Jane, Patty and the gargoyles for Chrissie this year? Or did she head to the nearest Jimmy Choo shop for more Kate Middleton gear? Did they even bring those kids of theirs!?

At any rate, she wasn't missed as the Derfster, Princess Benedikte and Henrik all did their bit to support Danish athletes. They are everywhere! Good for them. If you're going to be in one of the world's most expensive cities on tax payer dimes, then show your chops and earn it.

Derfie and Auntie Benedikte at the Danish Handball event, 31 July

Henrik at the sailing event, 30 July

Henrik on 27 July opening an exhibit at St. Katharine Docks called "Imagination - Discovering the Danish Spirit". Someone needs to tell Mary about that place - she might learn something!

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