Friday, July 13, 2012

Gråsten 2012: Daisy Opens the Summer Season With Another Unstylish Cousin Lillibet Garden Party: Guests Spared The Mary Show

Boo! A naked Henri is enough to scare anyone. Except Daisy, who still seems to turn into a giggly schoolgirl when she's around him. So after Henrik enjoyed last Sunday cruising Nyhavn in a tour boat, chillaxin' with a brewski and some friends, Daisy carted him off to Graasten where they opened up their summer home for the season. Poor Daisy. She'd more or less given this task to Freddles after he married The Thing, but he doesn't - or rather she doesn't - want to take Daisy up on the offer to be the family host, dip his toes into the patriarch role, taste a sample of life as king. Fweddie say no! Plus his mother Yrma has told him to tell his mother to piss off. Yrma doesn't like traditions and all that hoity toity royal stuff like smiling through the military greeting parade or meeting the neighbours. Ew. Peasants stink. So, Daisy drags her sister to help do the open house duties, and lookie if they don't host another garden party. Has Lillibet trademarked this plan, because she could make some money on thissie, if Daisy's new deal is to be all British and hope the Danes react positively to the free food and drink and close hobnobbing.

The Dannebrog arrives in Sønderborg, near Graasten.

"Smile. We're to look like this is fun!"

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  1. Henri and ymra do have something in common. Both think they look good no matter what.