Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Derf and Yrma Keep Xian In the Dark: Doesn't Know He'll Be King. That's Cause He Won't Be.

B for Boganson!

Freddie getting his mojo back? Or is the media just trying to do their best to help? Poor little pixie. In this excerpt from the Euroman interview that just came out, Fred explains how he is going to keep Xian clueless about his future until he has some property to give to the other children. Or something like that. Maybe this explains the mysterious "bought a house in France" story that graces Her og Nu's front page? Or is that a reference to a house that's an upgrade for the Sluuuuuuuuuuuurpsons from the converted goat barn avec satellite dish in the shadow of Cayx? What will Izzy, Princent and Josie get? If Yrma's in charge, it'll be oceanfront property in Queensland for Iz, an eastern suburbs pied-à-terre for Princent, and a Tazzy country cottage for Josie so that MoreMore can visit as much as possible.

Article: Her og Nu

Frederik Defends Christian's Childhood

Although he is aware that his grandmother is queen, and he lives in a castle, six year old Prince Christian has not yet figured out that he will one day be king. For Frederik and Mary have decided to first talk to their son about it when he comes and asks. Until then he must be allowed to walk around in the dark about his fate. 

So reveals Euroman which in the current issue has a great interview with Crown Prince Frederik. Here, the Crown Prince also says that he himself was 11 years old when it really dawned on him that he would one day be king.   

One Easter at Marselisborg, the Queen told her son that brother Joachim would inherit Schackenborg, and Frederik was to inherit the country. It got a lot of thoughts going for Frederik, and while his mum seemed to be the best person to answer questions in this category, Frederik went to his beloved grandmother, Queen Ingrid, with his concerns. There was nobody else to help. On the whole, Frederik could have used a little more support in his teens. 

When asked what advice he would give himself if he met himself as a 13-year-old, the Crown Prince replies: "Be proud of who you are. That was not even something I knew enough back then." It was only when Frederik as a 27-year-old had completed hard training as an elite soldier, did he began to reconcile himself to his special status.  

"When I finally got through Navy SEAL training, I thought: Hell, no, now I can't bother to apologise anymore. I have for too long thought too much about what people thought about me. I do not longer have to apologise that I am a prince, and I have x number of privileges. Now I've given it a roach, I've done it here, says Frederik, who has also done some thinking about what kind of king he will be.  - I think like, I will be remembered as someone who makes a difference when I meet people.

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