Friday, July 20, 2012

Gråsten 2012: Josephine Ain't Sick, She's Just Mary's

"C'mere you. Ooh, I finally made a cute one!"

No wonder the Schackenborg tribe didn't make the visit - they got to miss the Mary parade with her trotting out a new ugly outfit and her strange children. They are no doubt in France, enjoying time at Cayx before Yrma and Derf sell the pile for some showy Provençal villa near where Aussies and other English speakers enjoy spending time. Madam has to show off! But what on earth is she showing everyone!? Old face, dead fake hair, enhanced jewellery, no maternal instincts. Fred looks completely disengaged. You would be, too, if you were married to that! No little Josephine. A "light fever" is the excuse. Don't believe it. Yrma dragged Izzy out into the snow for a photo session when she was obviously very ill. She doesn't mind exposing her children to danger (face to face with strange dogs in Miami, no life jackets, etc.), Josie is just probably in a stage where she ressembles Mary too much and Madam can't handle it that reminder of her original face in its baby fat stage.

Photo Gallery: BT


  1. Love when Mares puts her arm around Fred, he looks like he is about to barf!

  2. Dish all you want on the obnoxious couple Mary and Frederik..please don't make fun of these sweet innocent children! rude to say that Josie is ugly!

    That's crossing the line! shame on u

  3. Is Yrma colour blind?...

  4. You have it all wrong. Josie has taken ill. And just in time for the Olympics she'll conveniently pass her ailment onto her siblings...and Derf and Yrma are free to go to London without all the excess baggage. The better to camp out at equestrian events and try and schmooze up to Princess Ann.