Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Horse Digby Qualify For Danish Olympic Team

The delightful amazone Princess Nathalie will be representing the Danish team in dressage at the London Olympics next month. She and Digby won a berth just recently. Hopefully we will be treated to the site of little Constantin cheering his mum from the sidelines with father Alexander Johannsmann. Distant cousin Zara Phillips has been named herself to Great Britain's eventing team. Nathalie will be going up against Yrma let-them-eat-cake icon Ann Romney's horse Rafalca, a 15 year old Oldenburg ridden by her trainer Jan Ebeling, who just qualified for the US Team. Go Denmark!

Article: Her og Nu

Princess Nathalie to the Olympics

Princess Nathalie and her horse Digby have been selected for the Danish dressage team which is going to the Olympics in London.

The Danish royal family are not just spectators at the Olympic Games in London. Over the weekend, Princess Nathalie and her horse Digby were selected for the Danish dressage team which will compete for medals in the English capital. At the last Olympics in Beijing Princess Nathalie won bronze together with the national team, and in general, the Danish riders are at the forefront of the international competitions, so there are great expectations for the three riders and their horses. For Nathalie, who has ridden since she was four years old, the selection for the Olympics is the result of fierce and focused training.

"The Olympics, I think, is every athlete's dream. You can't tell me that it isn't. It's been a goal, and since 2008 it is something I've been working towards", said Nathalie a month ago on sport.dk. The Dressage Competition begins on 2 August and ends with the Grand Prix Freestyle on 9 August.

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