Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finally: Mary Being Outed As Classless, Dangerous and Unsuitable By Association With Amber and Bikies

Even relatively gentle BT, a sister paper in the conservative, pro-monarchy Berlingske media empire, is taking on Mary, albeit in indirect ways. Can't be too pointed when you're trying to extract a toxic, foreign substance that has latched onto and is sucking dry the living organism called Denmark. Best to take it slow and gentle, but still make your point strong and loud. Mary is an egregious person of questionable character here by reinforcing her refusal to give up "best friendship" with Amber Petty, noted skank, sell-out and anti-feminist who got her jollies a few years ago by stealing Pubboy bikie Mark Alexander Erber from his wife and two young children for a quickie relationship that naturally ended very badly for Amber. Not unlike her Thailand affair with Prince Philip of Hesse, cousin to Gustav Berleburg, whom she met at Mary's wedding. Not unlike with Maori prince Teriu Le Mon. Not unlike that Swedish carny Frederick that SAFM co-worker Rabbit hooked her up with. Not unlike that Canadian DJ Cory Kim she tried to carry on a cross-equatorial relationship with. Not unlike her failed affair with rich Channel 9 boss Jeff Browne.

Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.

Article: BT

Mary's Bridesmaid's Ex-Lover Charged in Firearm Confrontation

Crown Princess Mary's friend, radio host Amber Petty, who was maid of honour at Mary and Frederik's wedding, has been dating a man who is charged with illegal possession of weapons while the police claim that he has rocker links, writes the Australian Daily Telegraph. 

On 16 May between 7pm and 8pm, Australian police raided Mark Alexander Erber's house in the fight against biker gangs, and here they found five magazines that fit semi-automatic pistols, such as a Beretta and a Glock.  Police do not believe that the 44-year-old's magazines were stored appropriately. In addition, police also found ammunition for a rifle, that Mark Alexander Erber does not have a weapons permit for, and he was ordered to update the address for his gun license. 

Mark Alexander Erber pleaded not guilty Wednesday to eight weapons charges in Waverley Local Court in Sydney, just as he refused to have biker connections. He was the girlfriend of Crown Princess Mary's good friend, Amber Petty, up to Frederik and Mary's 14th wedding May 2004 and she has a shady past with some controversial excesses. 

She has, besides having been the girlfriend of a biker, among other things, allowed herself to be photographed naked and revealed salacious details about Mary's life. Still, Amber Petty is one of Mary's closest girlfriends.

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  1. What were the details about Mary's life?