Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the Games Begin: Yrma Cruises Into London on Luxury Yacht Dannebrog; Waves To Peasants While Daisy's At the Palace

Yrma got new face fillers! It's bad when your mug looks worse than poor Charlene's new "I look like my mother-in-law" visage!

This should be fun. Yrma is STILL using the same photo taken of her in 2003 after the engagement was announced. What vanity! It's a little more closely cropped this time to try and throw us off, but it's still a nearly 10 year old photo. What a Dorian Grey moment. The woman in the badge doesn't age, but the badge is around the bull neck of a very old and unattractive woman. Also, what's with the sticky-out chest? Psychological reaction to being near a woman with firm skin tone and bigger tatas? Always babooning, our Yrma.

Yrma isn't invited to Buckingham Palace tonight to hobnob with her besties, Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge. Daisy and Dame Henri get to take her place. Kate and Michelle are not crying tears. And Lilibet won't have the embarrassment of saying hello to Derfie who think's she's his real mother. Yrma and the chimney-in-laws rolled in on the Dannebrog earlier even though Derf has been in town for several days. MoreMore needed extra time to ready her wardrobe and refresh with some new fillers at the dermatologist's, and some new Kate Middleton extensions just flown in from Mongolia. Kate better be impressed with Mary or she'll never hear the end of it. 

On their way to Buckingham Palace

Arriving in London, docking at West India Docks. Nice Greenland bolo tie, Henri!


  1. Why do you call them Derf, Ymre and Xian?

  2. Holy cow! Yrma's face looks like crap. What did she do to it.