Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yrma Bikes to Zara Copenhagen To Buy Children's Clothes, Leaves Empty Handed After Realising She Needs To Lose More Weight To Fit Into Anything

Yesterday, Crown Princess Yrma of Prada rode her bike over to the Zara boutique on Strøget, Copenhagen's main pedestrian shopping street. She was with her bodyguard and wore a black v-neck dress that looks suspiciously like one she wore at a sailing dinner in Ireland back in 2003 before she became official. She also carried a bright blue Bottega Veneta bag and wore off-white flats with an ankle strap which did not flatter her flat feet or large calves. The usual mush-up outfit. She went into the children's clothes section but left empty-handed after realising that no one was going to offer to give her anything for free. Cheap bitch. You could buy the whole ground floor of that place for the price of that bag!

There is also indication that the Boganborgs were recently in the US for a "wilderness adventure". Hm, glamping a la Marie-Chantal's brood? Trying to push Fred and the three youngest kids into the volcano Mount St. Helens? Sending Fred out on a walk for beer in Death Valley? Looking for Mary's lost twin Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest? Carving Yrma's mug into Mount Rushmore? Having to rummage through Yehudi's office for the misplaced test tube containing the Miracle Triplets?

Article: BT

Mary Shopped for Children's Clothes on Strøget

Even if you are royal, it does not mean that you only go around in expensive clothes from famous brand shops. Crown Princess Mary was good evidence for this on Tuesday, as she was shopping at Zara clothes shop on Strøget. 

Here she went around and slid into the children's clothing department, and she looked at, among other things, a dress in denim fabric. Maybe it was for Princess Isabella or Princess Josephine. But Mary did not buy anything.

The royals have more cars available, but Mary arrived at Zara on her bike with her bodyguard. She asked him if it was okay if she just slipped in, and that was the case. had one employee on site, which says that people were surprised to see the Crown Princess in Zara. 

Zara is one of the cheaper clothing stores, and Mary is known for not minding wearing clothing from such stores. Several times she showed up in clothes from H & M. One time was to DR's 250th anniversary event for Arabian Travel in September last year, while the other time was at the inauguration of the Mother and Child Centre in Kolding in April this year.


  1. They make it sound like ymra wears cheaper clothing all the time. I think she has worn some and only of late- a result of negative press.

  2. IIRC, Mary started wearing H&M AFTER Princess Victoria received a lot of positive press for wearing their clothes.