Monday, July 30, 2012

Legoland: The Kids are Alright, It's the Parents Who've Got the Issues: It's Diana at Thorpe Park All Over Again

"Someone, anyone, wanna get me outta this fresh hell?"

So to thank the Kristiansen family for all the free rides on their Lego-jet, Derf and Yrma dragged their two oldest kids to the park not far from Gråsten for some free publicity. They were accompanied by Cousin Alexandra and her kids Richard and Ingrid, and on the row boat and roller coaster rides Yrma seems to be seated next to Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, family patriarch, Lego Deputy Chairman and one of the richest men in the world. Yrma definitely knows how to chat up rich men for favours! No wonder she almost looks human in some of these photies. She's not actually flush with love in being in the company of her own children, she's flush with the promise of MORE. Look for a new holiday destination or yacht in the future. Derfie, on the other hand, looks like something the cat dragged in from a night of drinking and discos with young, nubile blondes. Props to the man for managing not to throw up in face of all of the G-forces each ride manages to conjure. Naturally, a tour in the Thorpe Park-esque water rapids was a must for our New Diana to conjure up memories of Mother Icon Diana to weave into the Mary Story. Anything to get the Brits to notice her! Funny, the Daily Mail doesn't seem to have a feature on you, Yrms - and they will feature ANYONE.

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