Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sportif!: Freddie Gets His Olympics On, No Sign of Madam MoreMore Yet

He always looks strong and healthy whenever Yrma is absent!

Freddie's been in London now for several days in the run up to the Olympics (opening ceremony this coming Friday), but no sign of Madam. What gives? Is she too busy trying to parallel park the Dannebrog in the Thames? Hanging out at Harrods, trying to be noticed by foreign tourists? At a local salon getting dermabraised or resculpted or genetically reprogrammed by Yehudi with leftover DNA from all her baby experiments? On the self-guided tour of Diana Hot Spots like San Lorenzo trying to get some of her fairy dust to fall of her? She must still be in Copenhagen, however, judging by the look on Derfie boy's face. He looks positively radiant! Enjoying a cocktail at Buckingham Palace surrounded by his people - British royals and competitive athletes, the two groups to whom Freddles' soul is in exclusive allegiance. No bogans or hillbillies for miles! No wonder he is beaming! At the IOC meetings called by Lord Coe, he is fully awake and ready for the work ahead of him. Sportif!

Video of Derf with archery team: Billed Bladet

Article with photos: Jyllands-Posten

Article: BT

Crown Prince: Great to Run with the Torch

Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik has just finished his run with the Olympic torch through London's fashionable Notting Hill district. At 5pm, just before his run, Berlingske happen to catch up with the Crown Prince as he walked silently down the street. Clearly, no spectators knew that we were talking about Denmark's crown prince. 

Berlingske asked him what it meant to contribute to the Olympics in this way. Dressed in sports gear, cap and running shoes he replied: "It is great to run with the torch and be a part of the Olympic spirit. It is a good way to attract people to the sport." 

While Berlingske spoke with Crown Prince Frederik, two cars drove together - right on the route where the Crown Prince a few minutes later was to run. Fortunately it had nothing to do with the Danish heir. Immediately afterward, a young couple walked by, came over and asked Berlingske who was running the route. They were quite astonished to find out that a future Danish king had just passed them.

Photos: Reuters/Daylife

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