Wednesday, August 8, 2012

London Olympics: Paging Dr. Freud: Izzy and Xian's Future in Therapy on Open, International Display

"More!! Love me! I need you! Reciprocate and shower me with the affection I deserve!"

This bitch is beyond comprehension. Not only can Mary not be affectionate with her children, she still clings to her camera-prop even when they could not need her attention more. Izzy's hair is wet from the light rain and humidity, but Yrma doesn't dry it. Yrma's Jackie O sunnies are hiding her eyes on an overcast day, while her children's eyes are never covered. Sister seems only worried that people won't notice her Kate Middleton jacket. Poor Izzy is just begging for attention, and Xian is doing more acting out and both of them are on a fast track to Crazytown with some stops in Passive-Agressive-ville, Anger-opolis and the very scenic Acting-Out-by-Sea.

Izzy and Xian going to be out of control if this isn't addressed. Derfie, step in, we know you actually love and enjoy spending time with your children. It's up to you, man. Put down the beer and the blondes, your children need you.

At the handball quarterfinal, Denmark v. Sweden, 8 August

Yay! Sodas are great for small children to drink! A popped collar and a welfare kid with a sugar high - BOGAN!

Moshie catching flies with her tongue, Iz with her Diet Coke, Xian eating chocolate with a fluourescent-coloured Fanta and Derf and Dais confused about how it all got this way.

Iz ain't buying what you're selling, Mares!

At Princess Nathalie's horse trials, 7 August

The sacred Boganson teeth during an ancient Pictish mating howl!

Here are a couple of better examples of royals with 1) a camera, and 2) their children:


  1. I don't know what it is, but every time I see these four together, I get depressed. I guess it's all the misery that radiates from them, and the visible annoyance that Mary seems to have every time she's with her kids.

  2. I do not understand why do you hate Mary so much?
    Your entire blog is just "poisened" with hate and sarcastic comments? I guess you are 100% perfection in all your ways, since your criticizing her for every little mistake...

    1. Shut up you moron. Mary has a lot to criticize, she is a nasty bitch and a bad mother!

    2. I completely agree, you people are horrible, you are clearly just jealous that she got the prince and you all didn't. You obviously have nothing better to do with YOUR SAD, MISERABLE LIFES that you have to pick on poor Mary. Like all mums she does her best. EVERYONE makes mistake, or does something that someone else doesn't like, But unfortunitally there are ASSHOLES like you people who belive your right and everyone elses wrong. Well unfortunitally for you guys, the Danish royal family was voted the best in Europe because of the influences that MARY has has so HA...

  3. get a clue, "anonymous" - you know royal dish and other sites that hate mary and you know why they dont like her - she's a bogan and a fake who is trying to be someone she is not and she spends taxpayer money like it grows on trees and doesnt work for it - the truth is it"s sad - no one is perfect so stop your posing as a righteous person - dont waste time on these sites -

  4. I agree, Pixie, it is a depressing sight to see the FOUR of them. Stress on the number 4. I honestly forget at times that Derf and Yrma have 4 children. I swear the miracle twins are dusted off maybe two times a year and banished to the dungeons the rest of the year. I don't think the twins belong at the Olympics but for heavens sake let these kids out once in awhile.

  5. Wow, Mary's hatred for her fat, ugly eldest daughter -- not to confuse with her fat, ugly younger daughter -- is so palpable. NO wonder IsFatBella acts like a fucking brat all the time. Diet Coke already! Wanna bet Mary is already got her on an 800-calorie diet?