Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sportif!: Derf Coasts Through Odense University Hospital's 100th Anniversary; His Reaction Doesn't Match Efforts to Greet Him

"You know I don't really care, right?"

Check out the videos in the link below about Derfie's visit today to Odense University Hospital. There is one lasting 27 seconds that shows a big-wig talking to Fred about their new video technology. This speech is met with a weak handshake before Derfie just walks out of the room with no other acknowledgment to anyone else or for anything they've done to set up this presentation to him. You can just see the one gal in the foreground sink into herself with disbelief, "that's IT!?"

The other video is over nine minutes long and shows just what these places go through when they invite a royal guest. There are people laying out the red carpet, many peasants lining the parade route, all the important people ready, dressed fancy and anxious to meet the prince. Lots of middle aged nurses come out to see the cute crown prince. What a dud! As if Fred, along with his escort - court marshal Per Thornit replacement Christian Schønau, shows any appreciation for these efforts. He even accepted a gift from a girl who was celebrating her own 13th birthday that day. What ingrates!

Article, Photo Gallery & Video: Fyens Stiftstidende

See Frederik at OUH

A night of drama at Odense University Hospital didn't keep Crown Prince Frederik from stopping by the hospital today.

Here he was given a warm welcome by hundreds of staff, patients and other curious folks.

The hour and a half long visit ended in icy cold as crown prince walked into OUH's new cold storage, where they store blood samples at minus 80 degrees Celcius.

The Crown Prince was at University Hospital to participate in the official celebration of the Hospital's 100th birthday.

The Crown Prince arrived at the east entrance of the Patient's wing shortly after 11:00 am, where he was received by the regional chairman Carl Holst, managing hospital director Jane Kraglund and Public Administration Director Ninna Würtzen.

After a reception, the Crown Prince went through the hall and down through Adventure passage into HC Andersen Children's Hospital, where he was presented with a gift.

Then safety trip to a party tent, where there were speeches, then the Crown Prince was shown around the new emergency reception.

The tour ended at 12:30 after a walk in the minus 80 degrees cold storage at University Hospital.

"Did you say Mary is here!?!?!?"

"Where is that cute little pixie of a man!?!?"

"No, no, I always have time for a blonde!"

Director: "We have more blondes over there!"
Derf: "That's what I'm talkun about!"

"I see you, you can't hide from me, honey!"

"Hello, blondie, yeah, I'm lookun at youse!"

"Do you have an older sister?"

"Hey, that's a blonde I haven't greeted yet!"

"I'm sending it to him, I hear he likes blondes."

"For an older blonde, you're alright."

"Thanks for the freebies. You old enough to date, yet?"

"I like games!!! How'dja know?!"

"I hope I meet more blondes later. Or play more games. Whatever."

"And then you actually married her, I didn't think you'd actually go through with it, I cried so hard!"

"My wife visits our future children every year in a cold storage just like this!"

Photos: Michael Bager


  1. I see Fred has a tan, yet another vacation.

  2. You don't get a tan in London. He's been somewhere else on a quickie holiday.