Thursday, August 16, 2012

La Belle Marie Opens the François Boucher Exhibit: The Only Danish Princess To Be Trusted With Cultural and Artistic Pursuits

Charming Princess Marie opened the François Boucher exhibit at the Gallery Holtgaard today. What a delightful patron and guest! Shows up happy to see and meet people, not just show off her dress or new freebie jewellerey (though how pretty is the lemon chiffon Grecian goddess dress!). How nice to represent a French artist for exposure to a Danish public. Marie's up to the task, being the royal sent on cultural visits to Florence, Morocco, China and Brazil. For a gal who is a spoken admirer of the Dutch-Jewish philosopher Spinoza, this visit must have been a walk in the park. Yrma probably thinks Spinoza is either a virus that causes genital warts or something in her yoghurt.

Gallery website on Boucher exhibit: Holtgaard

François Boucher: Fragments of a world picture

The 18th century’s great master at Gallery Holtegaard.

François Boucher took 18th century France by storm. Then came the royal audience in Denmark and the rest of Europe, which had its castles and palaces furnished with Boucher’s world picture of seductive women, dreaming heroes and romantic landscapes. This autumn, Gallery Holtegaard is showing rare drawings of the master of the rococo from, among others, the collection at the Louvre

It is with great pleasure that Gallery Holtegaard is able to present an exhibition with the great master of the 18th century François Boucher. The exhibition 'François Boucher – Fragments of a world picture' will show about 70 of the artist’s best works on paper from private and public collections in France, including the Musée du Louvre. With Gallery Holtegaard’s beautiful main building from 1757 as its backdrop, the exhibition will provide a rare total impression of 18th century art and architecture.

Director Mads Damsbo states: It is the realisation of a dream when this autumn we present François Boucher at Gl Holtegaard. In his marvellous drawings the whole 18th century world picture of harmony, sensuality and musicality is manifested. A world picture which perhaps could last as reality in the long run, but which as art has gone into history as the supreme expression of human refinement.

'François Boucher – Fragments of a world pictur'e at Gallery Holtegaard will show about 70 of the artist’s best works on paper. Borrowed from private and public collections in France, including the Musée du Louvre, they illustrate together the development of Boucher’s work from the 1730s until the 1760s as well as the main themes of his production: mythical scenes, studies of the human body, landscapes, women as a motif, etc. The exhibition has been compiled by the international expert Françoise Joulie from Musée du Louvre in collaboration with Gallery Holtegaard.

The exhibition is under the protection of HRH Princess Marie.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Her Royal Highness Princess Marie, in her capacity as patron, attends the opening of the exhibition "François Boucher - Fragments of a world view" at Gallery Holtegaard tomorrow, Thursday 16 AugustThe exhibition presents about 70 of the artist's works on paper from private and public collections in France, including the Musée du Louvre.

François Boucher (1703-1770) came as 17-year apprenticeship as an artist, and took early inspiration from painters such as Antoine Watteau, Peter Paul Rubens. Going beyond his predecessors' narrative history painting style, Boucher developed a new, more sensual style that became known as Rococo.

Interest in Boucher in 18th century Europe was great. In 1755 he became director of the royal tapestries of Beauvais, and in 1765 he was promoted to Royal Court Painter. Even the Danish royal family bought some Boucher, among other paintings for the first Christiansborg Castle, which later burned along with the castle. Today there are paintings and tapestries by Boucher in the Great Hall and in the salons of Christian VII's Palace, Amalienborg.

Princess Marie will be present at the vernissage on Thursday 16 August at 5pm, when the Princess attends the opening of the exhibition, which runs until 4 November 2012.

Photos: ANP Netherlands


  1. And she managed to do it without seeking out the cameras! Well done, Marie. Your S-I-L could learn something from you.

  2. Of course, Marie has the grace and dignity the bogan gold digger lacks.

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