Thursday, August 9, 2012

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Princess Marie Rocks the Feminine Chic at Ole Yde Runway Show

The last time Ole Yde had a fashion show, Mary sent Amber to be her substitute. It was February 2012 and the clothes were covered and clunky, appropriate for the season - and apparently that guest. Now Ole is showing off next summer's collection, a very flirty and floaty collection of frocks that even the patron of Danish Fashion, Yrma La Douche, cannot properly promote. Considering too that there were a few braless models strutting in diaphonous fabrics, sending the royal family's Latin princess was a much better choice than prudish Mary who probably would have made a demonstration of averting her eyes, delicate morsel of Angle-Saxon mores that she is (not). Off in London, fighting in the VIP stands with her sugared up offspring, bogan Yrms ignores her patronage CIFF who can see the writing on the wall and make sure La Belle Marie, a French force of femininity, would be in the front row for Yde's runway, and in one of his flattering dresses, treated to a bit of Veuve Cliquot. Now that's a better photie than what's coming out of London! Cheers!

Article: BT

Princess Marie Attended a Spicy Fashion Show

Fashion Week Started

It's a far cry from Møgeltønder, but only a few yards from her in-laws Margrethe and Henrik's palace, Princess Marie sat and enjoyed the designer Ole Yde's fashion show yesterday. In the courtyard at The Classen Fideicommis in Amaliegade in Copenhagen - a charity fund that Queen Margrethe is the patron of - Yde revealed his style visions for Summer 2013. Yde's collection 'Secret Garden' was a lovely bouquet of flowers - iridescent silk chiffon baby doll dresses in delicate lace, feminine dresses with tiny flowers and blouser in transparant taffeta. The visit to Yde's flowering garden manifested the designer's God-given talent for creating clothes that combine the elegant with the scintillating. A talent that demonstrates Yde's craftsmanship excellence explains why the show is always one of fashion week's big run-up pieces. An enchanting and feminine universe that you want to travel from Møgeltønder to experience.

Photos: Katja Maria Salomonsen


  1. Marie looks great here. she's a natural in all circumstances, nice that she's having fun. yes, she is feminine and Mary is tres butch.

  2. Fred would have liked this show. Too bad he was stuck in London with Yrma La Douche (great name, by the way!).

  3. Thanks, pix. Derf woulda stormed the runway with his tongue hanging out and yelling "Sportif!" - too bad he wasn't there!

  4. Marie looks great, petite but shapely, smiling naturally, not a nasty faced attention whore like Mary the Cow!

  5. Was Ole the designer of the infamous gold "orthopaedic bandage" dress that Meary stuffed herself into during the NY visit? It accentuated sister's feminine curves,and her presque-zizi!
    Love your blog, keep up the good work!

  6. Yes, anony, Ole designed the gold cloth that looked like it was strangling Yrma and showed us WAY too much of the post-Miracle Twins body. We don't need to know that Madam orders "male swim trunks" model Spanx, with the lycra going from her natural waist to the middle of her thighs! Oy!

    Thanks for the support!