Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sail Away: Freddles Takes the Nannies to Sweden, Nannies Bring the Kids Along

"Daddy says it's ok to use government funded resources like sailors from Grandma Daisy's ship to help us with our recreational sailing trips in Cousin Vickie's country, no prob! And, no, my finger wasn't in my nose! This time."
The royal ragamuffins were dragged out of the nursery and over to Sweden on the day MoreMore was doing her feminist-macho hear-me-roar swim thinggie. Daddy needed to sail, so they packed up the Dannebrog with nannies and kids and started up the taxpayer-funded motor to boogie on over to Baastad for the Nordic Championship for dragon boats. Well, at least the kids are with the more caring parent, and he - or the nannies - has them in life jackets.

Derfie took the oldest two to both watch his race from a Dannebrog dinghy and to get in the boat with him later for some sailing of their own. It's nice that Derf shares his hobby with the kids, but this is exactly what takes him away from them so often. Don't be surprised if the kids don't exactly embrace sailing in the future, or have mixed feelings about the sport, and not really know why.

At least the nannies were there to give them all warm cuddles and a nice dinner before tucking all five into bed that night.

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