Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cayx: Daisy and Henri Receive At Home Avec Musical Accompaniment: No Sluuuuurrpsons In Attendance

"Cherie, go lead the orchestra in an extra loud rendition of March of the Valkyries. I want the Bogansons to be able to hear this ominous tune all the way over in their converted goat barn avec satellite dish at the corner of our property. Gud bevare!"

Daisy and Henrik have such delightful moments of civilised evenings of culture, when they are not smoking, overeating or running from marauding gangs of Bogansons and their gargoyles trying to deplete the inventory of Henrik's awful swill in the vaults of the Cayx wine cellar. Last night at the Chateau de Cayx, the royal couple did a rare thing and opened up the doors of the property to the local peasants and had the Royal Lifeguards Band put on a little concert, to be followed by a big paella party on the terrace. Seated between one of Henrik's own sculptures of a nude girl (he probably told his wife it was her), the two surveyed their mini-royaume before Henrik led the band in a musical number. No doubt this was to seduce Daisy. Her father was a renowned conductor and his similar musical pursuits - combined with nudie sculpture of her - probably keeps her hot and bothered enough to allow him things like boys trips to Thailand, etc. Tit for tat.

Something's up. Dais and the Dame never receive chez eux in France. The only guests have ever been family or sugar journos from Denmark. They seem to be getting the message that relaxing and opening up and sharing cultural events with the little people might be a nice if small attempt at hanging with the little people and therefore staving off a revolution - for the time being at least. More and better, Dais. It's not going to be this easy, but sharing is a good start. The lessons we learn in kindergarten are often the best. If it'll stave off a republic, we don't know yet, but it's a start. Can you imagine Derf and Yrma opening up Cayx to non-paying guests and local French-speaking peasants after they take over the estate? Me, neither.

PS. Like the caftan, old girl - very batty old lady. It suits.

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Press Release: Danish Royal Website

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