Monday, August 6, 2012

London Olympics: Whither La Comtesse de Monpezat? While Yrma Goes Home to Break Down, The Show Goes On!

"She may not be blonde, but she's got big knockers! Party time in London Town!"

Mary is so predictable. Leaves London just as all the horsey events became inevitable must-attends with all the royal cousins cheering on their various relations (Zara Phillips for Team GB; Nathalie Berleburg for Team Danmark). Mary is not a natural horsewoman despite all her early PR to this effect. Does she not realise that the video of a fellow Aussie pony club rider is still out there with the woman calling Mary a snob?

No problem for the Danish royals in London for whom the show must go on! There is something in the British water it seems that keeps these folks working for more than two or three days in a row. Noice! Taking on duties that would earn the respect of their British cousins is a good thing for them, and for Danish athletes who absolutely should feel this support from their monarch. (A quiet nod and gold medal to Princess Benedikte who has really set the bar high for royal Danish Olympic support; silver to Freddles.) No Aussie flag pins for this crowd!

Daisy, Benedikte and Derfie hosted a London 2012 reception Saturday night at the Natural History Museum for all Danish athletes, including some proud medalists. Good work. This wasn't done in Beijing, Athens, or Sydney. Moral to the story? Kick the bridge-party-corner-pouter off the guestlist and have a blast!

Article: Nord Jyske

Photo Gallery: Sporten

Medal Winners Hailed at Danish Olympic Reception

North Jutland's own Fie Udby and the other Danish medalists were celebrated by, among others, the royal family on Saturday evening.

ENGLAND: The North Jutland rower Fie Udby and the other Danish medalists were at the centre of attention Saturday evening when the Danish Olympic reception was held at the Natural History Museum. The royal family with Queen Margrethe at the head, representatives from the Danish Sports Confederation, and many Danish Olympics participants, managers and coaches attended the reception where the participants for once dressed up in stylish clothes instead of jogging pants and t-shirts. Queen Margrethe praised the participants for their great efforts, and the Crown Prince stated that it was nice to be a Dane in London at the moment. Anders Golding from Moseby should also have been celebrated if he had been present in London. But the silver medalist had already gone home and did not attend the reception.

Even Daisy is feeling carefree with Yrma out of town.

"Hej, Frede! No Mary tonight, eh?"

Photos: Jesper Sunesen, Billed Bladet/

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