Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Princess Marie Open the Tønder Festival: Not Stressed Out By the Company of Furry, Hippy Musician Types

"Do you have any idea how much you all freak out my sister-in-law? I mean, unruly hair and comfort in your own skin, she just doesn't get it."
Princess Marie arrived at her Tønder Festival patronage, like she does every year, looking happy and relaxed and ready to sample this year's musical line-up. This is a roots, folk and indie music festival that takes place every year right around the corner from Schackenborg Slot over in the smaller town of Møgeltønder. It is appropriate and terrific that Marie is their patron. This far corner of Denmark needs all the attention it can get. This festival provides a big draw, and the region gets further publicity from its local royal. Perfect. This sort of parochialism is exactly what kingdoms need, with the capitals generating their own publicity and economic engines. Go South Jutland!
Festival Website: Tønder Festival 2012
Photo Gallery: JV

Photos: André Thorup

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