Monday, August 6, 2012

No London For the Schackenborgs: No Problem! This Crew Makes Their Own Fun

I see you, James Wessex, and raise you in style points.

The Schackenborgs may have to stay in Denmark so that Joachim can be regent while Daisy and Derf are away, but that is no problem for this easy-going happy family. No pouting that they don't get seats to prime Olympics events. No distracting press antics to keep the focus off London. Just a happy family enjoying an outing together at the Copenhagen Grand Prix based on Far's favourite sport and their young son's burgeoning curiosity. No baby Maserati for lille Henrik as is the case for Xian (with matching cufflinks!). It is enough to let Henrik relate appropriately to the adult world as a child should: to not shrink it down to his level, but to carefully help him understand the awe and respect it engenders. Much more responsible with no less fun!

Photo Gallery: BT

Photo Gallery: Pure People

"No gargoyle genes here!"


  1. Little Henrik looks so cute in those sunglasses. He and little James, Viscount Severn in shades is just about the most adorable thing I have seen this month!

  2. That is one beautiful child. He's so cute and he looks like he's got a very sweet personality.