Monday, August 6, 2012

London Olympics: Assorted Bits and Videos of Derf and Nathalie (with Horse Digby): Sportif!

A few Olympics bits and pieces here featuring a royal Danish athlete (Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein) and one royal supporter (Freddles). Tonight there is a reception on board the Dannebrog for Danish and British big-wigs and Mary promises to be present! Joy.

Video of Nathalie and Digby: On Sport

You can see Nathalie marching into the Olympic Stadium with Team Denmark in this photie (to the viewer's left of the Denmark sign, looking to the crowd on her right):

Video of Freddles: On Sport

Interesting bit of target practice from Derfie. Who's face was pinned above the body target, mmm?
"Now this is fantasising! One pull of the trigger and ka-blooey! No more criticism!"

Daisy's back in town and ready to cheer on the cyclists with Freddles handing out medals, including to MoreMore's Aussie sausage factory team, ahem. Yrma had to be upset to miss that and help Frex deliver medals!

Fred gave a lot of support to the sailing silver medalist (Finn dinghy category) from Denmark, Jonas Høgh-Christensen, including this man hug on the docks.

Daisy, Benedikte and Frex went over to the Aquatics Centre after watching cycling and saw some swimming with the Danish athletes.

On Sunday, Daisy and Benedikte went to church at St. Katherine's, the Danish Church in England, before hitting the badminton events. Gee, strange. No sign of the Derf man in church.


Photos: Jesper Sunesen, Billed Bladet/

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