Wednesday, August 8, 2012

London Olympics: Madam La Comtesse de Sandy Bay Pouts Through Nathalie's Dressage Event; Daisy Slums It In Olympic Village

"Can't look, Nathalie, sorry. The cameras are pointed at ME."

You can tell Yrma's squirming having to attend Princess Nathalie's dressage event with the rest of the family. In the first place, she has to have Derf's family around (surround) her, and not least, she runs the very real risk of being exposed as a non-horsey type. Benedikte and Nathalie already know, but what if Princess Anne comes by and Fred flags her over for a chat!? What if the Wales boys mosey over? I mean, Harry's hot but it's too great a risk. Even fellow chicken-anus mouthed, Marie Antoinette-type Ann Romney is there to cheer on her horse. So, she did what any anxious, reasonable person would: she made Caroline Heering come with her to London (also, who else would look after the kids? Hello!) to relieve her anxiety and give her someone to turn to if someone actually spoke to Madam about her own paddock adventures and she needed to ignore them for fear of exposure as a horsey fraud.

Just look at Cousin Pavlos whistling for Nathalie! The whole family is acknowledging their relative and cheering so hard. Yrma just looks away, wondering if people have noticed that her sheer, see-through dress (NOTICE MY LEGS, DAMMIT) makes it look like she has a baby bump. Yes, Yrma, we noticed the deep shadow around the presque-zizi region, and you are FREAKING US OUT, IT BETTER NOT BE TRIPLETS. Yehudi runs the risk of having his license revoked if that nightmare comes true.

The family reconvened on board the Dannebrog for a reception in honour of Danish athletes, including Nathalie. Yrma debuted yet another strange dress and a weak smile. Derfo seems to be smuggling tennis balls in his pants. Easy, tiger. The kids look very mellow, like the reality of being around their womb-thinggie is sinking in. Life was so easy at the beginning of the Games back at the palace with the nannies!

At least Izzy and Xian get an outing to London and look rather cute, although someone please put Izzy's poor feet into supportive shoes. They make cute ones for kids. School with other children, albeit privileged ones who do not exposure him to other ways of living, has done Xian some good, despite the Popeye face he pulled in the stands. Izzy's still full of beans thankthelord, and the up side to MoreMore being out of it around them and focusing instead on cameras catching her is that the kids can do a little more running around without being grabbed hard by the wrist. It must be comforting to them to be surrounded by FarMor Daisy and Aunties Benedikte & Anne-Marie and their sprogs. Greater family reunions allow the more well-behaved members of the family to model appropriate behaviour and personal comport.

Nice effort to throw a party for the people who are bringing pride to their country.

Daisy also visited the Olympic Village, which apparently requires a whole 'nother badge. Well, nicely done, Dais to sit amongst the athletes at their picnic tables and drink coffee from paper cups. Daisy's "Elizabeth II Lessons" are paying off: first garden parties, now slumming it with her homies. Small efforts, but they could pay off. This may be a fun, backhanded way to hand off to Derf and Yrma a "people's monarchy" thereby requiring them to be less frivolous and more engaged with the tax paying types. Poor Yrma. She'd be pouting in a corner during the rise of the republic!

Photos: Jesper Sunesen, Billed Bladet/Kongehuset


  1. That's just rolls of fat popping out of her Spanx. Mares and Derfie look like British Airways cabin crew.

  2. Poor Nathalie she'll get a picture of herself at the Olympics taken by Mosh for a christimas present. maybe with an autograph!! lucky her! Gag

  3. It's amazing how Mares spots the camera. If only that was an Olympic event.