Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yrma Is The New Diana, Take Eleventy Million: Pretending to Save Pregnant Ladies While Wearing New Prada Dress

"Poor people love me!"

She just can't stop herself, can she? Now she's taking a dip into turbulent political waters by joining an international panel in order to attempt to reduce the rates of maternal mortality. Tricky territory, and one that will require deft and diplomacy, two traits that Madam La Comtess de Holden Commodores does not have. This is an excuse to go to New York in a new dress only. And sister only got on the panel because she's popped out so many kids (and has the McCann Group as a PR agency). Pop the popcorn, because in a month, we should have front row seats for a heck of a show!

Article: Berlingske

Mary To Take On A Political Role With New Panel

Denmark's future queen is to be part of an international panel that, among other things, is to combat maternal mortality. It is Mary's entrance into political life.
Crown Princess Mary is moving soon into unknown territory when she becomes part of an international panel of prominent persons who fight among other things against maternal mortality.
The Crown Princess is already patron of a number of organisations that promote women's rights around the world, including the United Nations Population Fund and Maternity Worldwide, but with this next panel, she will get her first political role.
Development Minister Christian Friis Bach is happy that Mary wants to be part of the international panel High Level Task Force on ICPD.
Even though Mary hereby enters the political arena.
"The Crown Princess wanted to be actively involved in these issues - also internationally.
Therefore, we have had a dialogue with the royal family about her joining the panel, and the Crown Princess said yes."
"It is a great decision that I am very excited about, to the degree it will mark Denmark as a strong advocate for women's rights to decide how many children they want and to feed them safely", says Minister
Princess Mary was invited to stand for the panel of just the UN Population Fund, of which she is patron.
Her decision to say yes was reversed with Christiansborg, where it was met with broad support from political parties.
The international panel will be officially launched in New York on 1 
October, when Mary will also participate.
The panel consists of a total of "24 leading and prominent persons", and it will be headed by former Finnish President Tarja Halonen and the former President of Mozambique Joaquim Chissano.
By saying yes to the panel role, the Crown Princess matches her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, when it comes to involvement in more political roles.
The Crown Prince was elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee, IOC, in the autumn of 2009, and it was a decision that attract a lot of attention both at home and abroad.
The role has sometimes proved problematic when Frederik was part of an organisation representing countries with very different agendas and political vision.
With its panel work to promote women's rights and combating maternal mortality, Crown Princess Mary may thus come to be in troubled waters.
Internationally, women's rights is an area with many very conflicting opinions, for example when it applies to contraception and abortion.
There are also issues where strong religious forces in many countries have great influence, and therefore undoubtedly interesting times await the Crown Princess.

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  1. With Yrma's involvement on this panel and Derf's on the IOC all WITH the blessing of the Danish government is making me think the Danes are personally handing these two clowns enough rope to hang themselves. And, sadly, the Clown Couple is eagerly grabbing at that rope out of sheer vanity. Fools.