Friday, September 7, 2012

Way To Go, Yrma: Glamourpussing With the Kid Props: Yrma Instills Wrong Values In Her Children: More Freebies Except for Nikolai Ha Ha

"Yeah, we got freebies. WHAT OF IT? We are special and we deserve it."

So while Derfie was in London catching up with "friend of the couple" Emilie Jerichau and rooting on the Danish Paralympians, MoreMore took the two oldest children to the Cirkus Dannebrog in Copenhagen on the evening of 3 September. This is the event Mary took Christian to in 2009 when the boy was presented with a wrapped present when he and his mother arrived at the circus (she was carrying the same bag, too). In other words, Madam knows that gift-giving to her children has been set as a precedent by the organisation. A very nice gesture to their high profile guests, but one that Madam's office should have made clear would no longer be welcome. Nope! Instead, the circus shelled out for two pressies this year since La Comtesse de Salamanca would be prancing in with her two oldest meal tickets. Then, the kids gets to ride camels in the show in addition to the pressies and front row seats. Way to raise "normal" kids, Mary. What a maternal f*ck-up! And poor Tanja who had to walk through a mess of popcorn strewn on the ground while holding Yrma La Douche's ugly purse. What a way to treat a person who works for you for no wages. Boy, are you accumulating karma points, Yrms. Careful when those finally explode all over you.

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Article: BT

See the Funny Photos: A Trunk Coated In the Prince's Popcorn

Prince Christian could not eat his popcorn in peace when on Monday night he was at the circus with his mother and sister.

Prince Christian and Princess Isabella were allowed to feed the elephants as they arrived Monday night at Circus Dannebrog with their mother and an entire team of performers, clowns, acrobats and funny animals.

The break was due to the circus elephant being hungry, so Christian had to generously share his popcorn, as the large animals eagerly munched in it, so the little prince had to hold on with both hands.

Princess Mary was with her ​​two oldest children invited to the circus by the Kidney Association, of which she is patron.

Earlier in the weekend, Mares took Xian to Countess Alexandra's house for Cousin Nikolai's 13th birthday party without any photographic evidence of a 1) present for Nikolai or 2) Derf or Izzy. Madam seems to have given the Romanian wiglets a fresh henna rinse; she's dressed in her new white shirt from kindergarten freebie day last week, and in jeans that she wore while pregnant with the Miracle Twins on her arrival to Amber's apartment in Adelaide two years ago. She seems to have parked far enough away from Alexandra's gate to have given the photographers plenty of good photos of her doing the MILF thing, strolling down the sidewalk as if Mary were a sexy, feminine woman on a catwalk. Not.

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