Monday, September 24, 2012

Brazil Day Six: Madam May Not Be Loved By Her Husband, Or Be a Woman of Substance, But You Will Notice Her as Someone Who Has More Stuff Than You!

"I'm not really listening to you, lady, because you have not earned my respect. A real princess would be kind."

Who shows up at a construction site in appropriately dressed in heels, loads of jewellery and a dress (and possibly even body glitter)? Yrma La Douche, that's who! By the end of the tour, MoreMore's mood had seriously dropped from its Day One high as the anticipation of positive and loving publicity (Madam is nothing if not an optimist!) evaporated like methane gas and tainted the mood of not only Yrma, but everyone around her, like being in a bogan living room after a dinner of too many chiko rolls and cherry ice pops.

On the final day of their failed romantic getaway, grand tour de bogan of Brazil, the failed love birds of Denmark took a tour of the Laphina grotto, and then a park where they helped dedicate a bust of The Derfster himself. As you can see in the video, Madam rustled up her most flirtatious self in the midst of her angst and cutesy-poo'd her way through an awkward event. She is so silly - she makes events awkward instead of putting people at ease. That's Our Mary - refusing to grow and evolve from the ute-shagging, VB-swilling good time gal from Sandy Bay! She thinks having money already makes her better!

After landing back in Copenhagen, Yrma went straight to the palace claiming a cold from the air conditioning. Derfie went on to a private black-tie party for buddy Christian Levin's 50th birthday apparently straight from the airport! That takes some planning to have your tuxedo pressed and ready for you with a driver ready to speed you up to the house in the Whiskey Belt northern suburbs. As these are not Madam's true friends, it makes sense that Yrma would play the wounded wife and single mother card against Derfie's preferences to par-tay with his and Emilie Jerichau's mutual friends. I'm sure he passed on Mary's regrets to a very understanding and relieved crowd!

Article with Photo Gallery: Ekstra Bladet

Video: YouTube


Back in Denmark, the Derf Man got his party on!

Photos: Keld Navntoft/Scanpix, 2012


  1. It says a lot about Yrma la Doozey that they were never once given a meeting with anyone of higher importance than the local PR machines. President? Minister of whatever? Geez ... Deputy Minister of whatever? Nope. Nada.

    Hope you enjoyed your babysitting assignment, Brasil! Hope you got paid for it 'cause truly, that's what it was.

    1. Among all their "high-profile" state visits, they were often received by some second/third-tier representatives of the countries concerned. It says out loud what other countries think of them.

    2. Maxima is on her second or third visit to the United Nations today and Mette-Marit is at the Clinton Global Initiative with Juan Carlos and King Abdullah. Mary is home in her crazy painted palace pretending to be sick to get sympathy. 'One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong'...sing along!

    3. Lula met both of these idiots in denmark during the IOC meetings a couple of years ago. He would have been more than willing to come out of the background and meet with Fred and Mary if he thought it was worth it (like Juan Carlos and Clinton in NYC yesterday). He doesn't, IMO!!

  2. Hey everyone, check it out, Yrma perfectly coordinated her outfit to match the hardhat! Way to go, Yrma!

  3. She just doesnt care a bit. Pretending to look interested. No Good.

  4. So quick to comment on what Mary is wearing what about Fred wearing a suit and tie! Is this blog for real or is someone playing a joke,candid camera maybe!Please tell me it isn't so!LOL

  5. Mary is sick of disappointment.