Thursday, September 6, 2012

Paralympics London 2012: Sportif!: Freddles Cheers On Disabled Danish Athletes: Flirts With Dressage Rider

"You doin' anything tonight? I'm in London alone."
Tuesday, 4 September, Freddles was back in London for the Paralympics Games, cheering on Danish athletes, especially cute Danish dressage riders. Derfie don't care if you don't have a limb or two; all girls, er, athletes are special in his eyes. What's a missing leg when you're married to someone who doesn't have a heart? Or a personality. Or a care in the world about anything other than her next Prada freebie. Might even make it easier to get down to "business".

What is not known is Freddums' whereabouts over the prior weekend. Nothin on the calendar. Maybe he went ahead to London a few days in advance. You know, hang out with Cousin Pavlos, take in the sights, or, you know, check in on that old friend of his and Mary's Emilie Jerichau. Don't know if they have even been able to catch up much since that fun night in a disco before the Miracle Twins were christened. They would have had loads to catch up on.

Derfie: "Come on, one more hug for the road. Suite 508, Claridge's."
Girl in red jacket: "Boy is Princess Mary going to be mad when she finds out!"

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Paraathletes' Spirit Impresses The Crown Prince

Crown Prince Frederik is fascinated by the Danish Paralympic athletes' fighting spirit. It is inspiring, he said. Crown Prince Frederik visited the Paralympics in London and is fascinated by the participants' efforts. "My respect for the athletes is very high", says the Crown Prince.

"Perhaps particularly those who have suffered a disability later in life, and remember what it was like to be able-bodied. They have actually fought two battles.
The one to recover as best they could after an accident. And then to make a great achievement in training for the Paralympics."

"Then there are even those who medal, and we're up by three huge performances. Their spirit fascinates and inspires me", he says. It was in connection with his work in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that Crown Prince Frederik visited the ParalympicsHe emphasises that disability sports are a priority of the IOC.

"The Paralympic Games means much the same thing for the IOC, which has taken them under their wing. A host city for the Olympics must also be able to deliver and execute some excellent Paralympics", he says.

Despite a tight schedule, the Crown Prince followed several of the Danish athletes' competitions. "I am impressed with the athletes and the five medals that have provisionally been given", he says. The Paralympics in London end on Sunday.

"Then I pull on the reins like this."
"Girl, you are fascinating. Tell me more. Tonight. Claridge's. Suite 508."

"I hear you like blondes, big boy. Ever ride a silver fox?"
"Er, uh, ok, leave me your number in case the dressage chick doesn't show."

"You meet good lookun sheilas like this?"

"You know, mine's thicker. Just sayun."

"Gonna give me a ride later?"

"Hey, even disabled honeys need love."

"Psst, you busy later?"
Photos: Lars Møller


  1. Haha You Are so funny. But You Are right. Hé looks much happier when yrma is not around.

  2. I knew you wouldn't have the courage to post my comment. You hide behind annonymity throwing pebbles at someone in the public eye. This is your life's work? Deal with it - this woman just has a much better life/family/wardrobe than you - and get your own life. But I doubt you will. Your hate already runs your world, eventually it will eat you from the inside. You are so sad.

    1. Totally agree with you. Three cheers!!!!!!

    2. The bloggers have guts to post comments different from their views. On the other hand, the Danish RF and media do not have the courage to tell the truth of this useless woman - a lazy, greedy, arrogant bogan from Tassie. They've photoshopped for her because she is just a plain jane with sunburnt skin and a lined face. They created a new CV for her because she is a graduate from a bottom-tier university with poor language skill and work ethic.

  3. Yes, but not enough guts to post my first comment calling you out for using atheltes with disabilities as unwitting weapons in this sick hate/jealousy campaign. You acuse this chick of being useless, lazy, greedy and arrogant - when your blog only shows you to be all these things and much, much worse. Don't you realise how ridiculously pathetic you look? I'm surprised you posted the second comment, kudos, but I doubt you'll post this one. You so righteously must tell the world the "truth" - that she went to the wrong university and now, at 40 and after four kids, she has crows' feet and imperfect skin? I am under 35 and I have crows' feet - big deal - it's not a character flaw. You insult women everywhere with this blog. But mostly, you just insult yourself.

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