Monday, March 11, 2013

Princess Marie Will Tread the Boards With the Royal Mayestait Actors!

In a royal tradition, it is now Princess Marie's turn to hit the stage as a player in a revue by the Royal Mayestaits Actors. Princess Alexandra did this in 1997 and even Yrma awkwardly participated in 2008 with Carina Axelsson serving as her lady-in-waiting that day. Watch for Marie to be much less self-conscious than MoreMore! 16 March will be when she makes her royal theatrical debut in what is such a fun tradition. Marie will be performing in a piece called "Zombies on the Edge of the Bed", a satirical, black comedy no doubt about her sister-in-law ghost-written by Derfie. Good on ya, Marie!

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Princess Marie To Play In the Revue

It's time for it again. Princess Marie is now, as several of the royal family already, member of the Association Royal Mayestaits Actors. And to join requires that princess herself is involved actively in this year's student revue - either on or behind the scenes.

Princess Marie's participation takes place on 16 March, where she will participate in a small role in a closed show. Then she will officially be appointed a full member of the association and receive a ribbon in the association's yellow and red colors.

The Royal House has a traditional background on the boards in the student revue. Queen Margrethe, who at that time had just graduated from college, became a member in 1960, while Prince Henrik joined in 1974 and was received with a clarinet polka, as the Prince Consort sat at the piano.

In 1990, an Indian guru tried to convert Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim on stage without success, because the princes strenuously defended themselves by saying that the audience included a member of the church. Then Princess Alexandra had her stage debut to its membership in 1997 with the audience buzzing, "it's Alex!", While Princess Mary in 2008 was recorded after her involvement in a small scene.

This year, the student revue titled 'Zombie on edge of the bed' and is a satirical and black, comic piece, which is staged by theater director and actor Stine Ruge. The Royal Mayestaits Actors got its name from King Christian X for the New Year comedy in 1924.

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  1. Yrma was like Miss Piggy of the Muppets, now she looks like Olive Popeye.