Monday, March 11, 2013

Derf & Yrma in Chile, Day One: Who Knew The Grand Canyon Was In South America?

Wax figures depicting Death (left) and Shallow Victory

Derf and Yrma arrived in Chile for a five day official visit, subbing for Daisy and Henrik who cancelled due to her oesteoarthritis. On Day One, they are scheduled for a hike through the Quebrada de Macul nature park outside Santiago and the Danish ambassador's dinner for the entire delegation at El Meson Nerudiano restaurant.

What a divide! Could these two people be any less unhappy? It's official, Fred's finally managed to kill the sexy. All those cute, boyish looks - completely gone. He's putting a hard part in his hair on the left side and letting it grow on top still trimming the bottom part, the result - combined with his pasty complexion and dead eyes - is one of a man who has given up. THIS is a man who just cross country skied 90 kilometres? He looks like daylight will melt him! MoreMore herself has never looked so manly. That simian face and the curveless body have never helped, but it's like Mary's now sucking up Fred's testosterone. Look at the boofhead arms and waist. She looks like she gets a jolly out of beating him up. Don't they really just look like a cowed wife (Derf) and a meany boyfriend (Yrma) with their public face on? Mary's not even wearing her wedding ring on the hike. What's that messaging? Poor Denmark. Five days of this lunacy that will do nothing but convince the Chileans to invest their money elsewhere!

Video: Ekstra Bladet



Photos: Anders Kattan


  1. There is no love around. I am sure he is sick. He looks bad, sad, palid, and it is not his stomach, is his soul. She wore that black dress before, ugly with those yellow shoes and red earings.

  2. Why are these two pretenders even carrying backpacks on their "hike?" They are surrounded by men with grey suits, government officials, and the media! Are we really supposed to think they might need to pitch a tent somewhere? What a stupid waste of taxpayers' money. Seriously, they needed to travel 6,000 miles to go hiking? Exactly WHY?

  3. Not Holding hands Or anything. Not Good.
    And omg - They dó look like wax figures.

    Yrmas walking clothes look ugly

  4. Derf should have put en end to this farce show years ago and kicked that tough old minger out of Denmark. They are a joke again and again. BTW, any local interest and media frenzy towards the wrinkled bogan?