Monday, March 11, 2013

The Education of The Schackenborg Men: Learning How To Be of Use To Their Neighbours and The Nation

Lovely Marie and her Schackenborg men set out together for one of Marie's duties this past weekend. Nice opportunity to take advantage of the visiting older boys! Little Athena stayed home, being too young. Marie is smart enough to know not to parade babies in front of the cameras for cheap sympathy points unlike her sister-in-law. All three boys seemed interested in all of the emergency rescue operations the event organisers put together for them: breaking into cars with the jaws of life, busting through brick walls, driving huge emergency vehicles. Great preview of what is sure to be an expectation of joining a branch of the armed forces for these young men. Won't young Nikolai look smashing in his officer's uniform, unlike cousin Xian whose pastiness and internal anger from an unsteady home life will have him most ressembling an enlisted man from the back docks with no other opportunities. Shame.

Long Video: YouTube

News Video: TVSyd


  1. Did she get dressed in the dark? I can't think of any reasonable explanation to justify this fashion catastrophe!

  2. What's wrong with her clothes? She looks great. Brown coat and hat and khaki pants and boots with a cute splash of color - more neutral than those loud Wellies with the Hello Kitty color range. Very Country Life. Better than Yrma with a black cocktail dress, nude sandals and red earrings..stupid fashion blind cow.