Thursday, March 21, 2013

Paving The Way For Derfie: Countess Alexandra Talks Openly About How She And Joachim Handled Their Divorce

Alexandra and Frederik had such a nice relationship back when Alex was the only married-in princess of Denmark on the scene. In fact, there were rumours that when Alex first met Joachim and Frederik at a dinner party in Hong Kong in 1994, that it was her and Derf who got along better. So, it's nice to see Alex coming to the aid of her old friend and helping to lay the groundwork in the public's mind for a divorced Derfie. You're a good friend, Alex! Moral of the story for Derf: you'll survive. Go forward! En avant!

Article: Billed Bladet

In a great interview with Billed Bladet Alexandra talks openly about joys and sadness.
By Preben Petersen 20th March 2013

Thursday Billed Bladet has a great interview with Countess Alexandra. Among many other things she speaks openly about life post-divorce from Prince Joachim. Here is her experience of the first meeting with the press - four days after the news of the divorce went public. Alexandra and Joachim came together Prince Nikolai to the first day of school.

"Yes, it certainly was not an easy situation. Of course it is always easier to show off, when there is something good, and everyone is happy. But for us ... So, we had talked a lot, a lot, before we came to the decision. It was not easy. It's one thing is to get a divorce, it's terrible for everyone, even if you agree, but when it happens in front of an entire country. But it helped that we were together on the decision. And it helped a lot that we then backed each other up, just as we still do. We support each other's lives everyday and most of all about our children", says Alexandra, adding:

"And I really think that Prince Joachim and I have a great relationship. I've always looked at it that if we could not have a good marriage, we have the next best thing. A good relationship and a super divorce! As we go through the crisis, as I hoped that we could come out on the other side and could be role models for how to deal with it, which of course is one of the heaviest in your life. And I really think that we have succeeded. We have also received praise for it, fortunately, for it is a terrible time for all parties. And I think it's important that you can show how you can do it."

Photo: Hanne Juul/Billed Bladet


  1. Alexandra is a beautiful person, an extraordinary human being. In my family we talk about her sometimes and agree she is wonderful, so kind, so smart, she speaks danish perfectly and has two handsome and nice kids. We are glad she decided to live here with her husband Mr. Martin Jorgensen

  2. She is smart, articulate and cultured. She shows respect to her adopted country by mastering the language.

  3. Alexandra was a wonderful asset to the Danish royal family. She knew how to be the perfect princess for us. She is warm, smart, kind. She learned Danish quickly and well. She speaks perfectly Danish. There is no comparison with the horrible choice of Frede for wife. It is not comparable. We are lucky to have her and the two young princes benefit from her good demands on their education and culture. (Joachim, too, has this credit)

  4. Yes, she is wonderful!!! Her danish is perfect, better than mine (I am half italian)

  5. TAKE NOTES, FREDE!!!!!!!!!!!!