Friday, March 22, 2013

Sportif!: Derf Goes To Work: Oh, Wait, It's Just Another 'Yay Sports!' Event With Kids: But Better Than Curled Up In the Fetal Position With a Bottle of Whisky

"Hm, am I going to build on this momentum, or ruin it? Hey, at least my wife isn't here to kill my spirit!"
These sorts of events that revolve around sports are right up Derf's alley and he is so comfortable undertaking these things. Anything that involves sports and Fred interacting with anyone, kids especially, and certainly out of the range of MoreMore, is so good for the boy. Now, it's time for Freddles to take Anne Sophie Hermansen's good advice and start expanding his reach by having him host events and provide resources directly or through his many high level contacts to really get Danish kids involved in the fun of athletic pursuits, lifelong positive body image and maintenance, and the positive, indirect result of having the future king of the country caring directly and happily in the health and well-being and involvement of all children, maybe even especially with the children of Denmark's immigrants. What a prime excuse to pull them into mainstream Danish activities with children of different circumstances. What a big diplomacy move such a thing could be. C'mon Derf. You gonna do it and make a difference and set up your legacy, or are you gonna let opportunities pass you by and let Denmark be a lesser place because of your self-centred laziness?
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The Crown Prince Was Temporarily at School

It must have been something of a surprise since the 7th grade students at Owl Farm School in Solrød didn't know who would be their teacher in the coming hours. It turned out to be Denmark's future king, Crown Prince Frederik on Wednesday morning.
And all indications are that it was not only a well kept secret for the pupils, although some teachers were the first to know that morning. Therefore, when the Crown Prince came around at 10:30, no one other than a few people knew that he would be there.
A pair of students from 7th class were happy about the visit.
"He taught us about the Olympics, which he knows quite a bit about. He was good at it. And also a lot of fun", said Casper from one classroom and Emilie from another.

The Crown Prince is a member of the International Olympic Committee, and it was in just this capacity that he had come to the Solrød school.
During his visit he managed to get many fine questions, and he was good at answering them at the kids' level. The Crown Prince was at the school for about an hour, when he was welcomed by the students who were each ready with their Danish flags, and he waved royally and was not stingy to greet people with a down to earth "hello", said some of the many students who had helped to accommodate him.



Photos: Steen Meinert, Jan Rossil


  1. Il sort de son lit ! honte à lui c'est un fainéant et un alcolique

  2. Wow! He is working. What a rare sight.

  3. He has no hair!!!!!!!!!
    Is this work? If his kids ask their nannies: What does daddy do for work? the nannies will say: Smile to the cameras, dress up for parties and sailing for fun....