Friday, March 22, 2013

Yrma Pins Her Hopes On Becoming British Royal Godmother: Sends Kate Freebie Coat

"Eh, Kate! Lookah moi! How're bout-er god mother spot, roight?"

Dollar to donuts, Little Mary Boganson must have sent Kate Middleton one of her old coats by Malene Birger. It's a coat that Mary wore back in 2006 when she was pregnant with Izzy. Now, Kate is the one preggers and was spotted yesterday wearing an identical model on a visit to the London Underground. There should be no doubt at all that Mary must have had her new lady's maid gently pack up one of the coats in tissue after cleaning it for pit stains and smells, and send it off to Buckingham Palace to her supposed "sister" and "doppelganger" (not a compliment either way!) the Duchess of Cambridge, breeder of the next line of British - and by extension, Australian - kings. If Mary can't be Queen of Australia, by God, if Diana died too soon for photo ops with her Australian-Danish protegé in the fight to save Africa, then Mary will indeed do all she can to be the godmother, and therefore the Svengali, to the heir to Elizabeth II, Victoria and the British Empire. Mary's Pictish fisherman roots are deep enough to give her a taste for being on a tea towel or seeing herself depicted holding the young baby Wales as depicted in a gaudy portrait stamped onto a porcelain cup. God Save ME!

Article: Billed Bladet

The Duchess and Crown Princess were dressed in identical coats from Malene Birger seven years.
By Lisbeth Grube 22nd March 2013

Duchess Catherine was extremely elegant Wednesday as she was on an official visit in London wearing a blue, beaded coat that was lovely over her pregnant belly. Funnily enough, the Crown Princess Mary dressed in the exact same model when she was pregnant - seven years ago!

The fine blue coat is designed by Danish Malene Birger, and all the way back in November 2006 Mary wore this coat while she was pregnant with Princess Isabella. In the picture, you can clearly see Mary's bulging belly under the blue creation.

On Wednesday, Duchess Catherine chose quite like Crown Princess Mary to match her coat with black stockings and black stilettos, and because the royal colleagues are both tall, slender women, the similarity is striking. The royal coincidence proves at least one thing: good style is timeless!

Source: Royal Outfits of Crown Princess Mary


  1. LOL I can totally see Mosh doing this. Stupid cow.

  2. Yrma didn´t buy the coat, Catherine did it. Can you see the difference?

  3. I think she knows it's not the same. At least that's how I read it.

  4. No offence to the designer. She, like Yrma, is well-known only in Denmark and possibly some other Nordic countries. It is Kate who draws press attention to the designer. Yrma, you can keep dreaming on, you will never have this kind of power and stardom.