Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Well Played, Daisy: Queen To Attend Princess Lilian's Funeral In Sweden

At the May 2012 funeral in Sweden of Count Carl Johan Bernadotte, Ingrid's youngest brother

Princess Lilian of Sweden died at the age of 97 earlier this week. She was the Welsh-born widow of Prince Bertil, the brother to Queen Ingrid, Daisy's mother and Derf's Mormor. Her funeral will be Saturday, 16 March in Stockholm, with burial at the Haga Cemetery next to her beloved Bertil. Good thing Daisy is going.

Lilian had a love story with Bertil that was as alive and real and deep as Daisy's is with Henrik. Having Derf and Yrma there would make a mockery of Lilian's love that kept her from marrying Bertil for 33 years. Besides, it's not to far-fetched to think that Mary might have also taken the opportunity to try and sneak into Lilian's house at Villa Solbacken and steal family diamond jools she felt entitled to! No bogans at this funeral, please!

Obituary: Guardian

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Newspapers: Sick Queen Margrethe Will Attend Funeral

Queen Margrethe will participate in the Swedish Princess Lilian's funeral in Stockholm on Saturday, writes a Swedish newspaper.

Queen Margrethe had to recently cancel her planned state visit to Chile because of arthritis in her back and instead sent Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in her place.

But now the queen has to go on another - somewhat shorter - trip to Sweden to participate in Princess Lilian's funeral Saturday. So writes the Swedish newspaper Expressen on Wednesday.

Queen Margrethe to the newspaper attend the funeral along with her sisters, Anne-Marie and Benedikte. The Danish court will neither confirm nor deny the information that the queen should the funeral.

It is certain that it is in place in Stockholm on Saturday. Princess Lilian laid to rest in the royal cemetery at Haga Castle, where also her husband, Prince Bertil, is buried. Queen Margrethe had the advice of her doctors to cancel her and Prince Henrik's planned state visit to Chile, where Frederik and Mary are now in her place between 10 and 15 March.

Princess Lilian was 97 years old. Sunday afternoon she slept quietly in his home in Stockholm, and the Swedish royal family was at her side in the last hour, said the Swedish court.

Princess Lilian was born in Wales and was married to Prince Bertil, who was Queen Ingrid's brother. Lillian met and fell in love with Prince Bertil in London during World War II in 1943.

Prince Bertil wanted to marry Lilian civically and thus step out of the Swedish succession. But when Bertil's brother, Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf, in 1947, died in a plane crash, Bertil instead chose duty and remain unmarried to ensure the succession to the throne.

Only in 1976 did the couple marry after receiving permission from the new king. For the same reason the couple had no children, and Princess Lilian has instead had a special fondness for Crown Princess Victoria and her two siblings.


  1. It is good that Marge will go to Sweden. Super nice love story for these golden oldies. cute lady. Will Victoria get to wear these jewels?

  2. Il est normal que Margrethe aille aux obsèques de la Princesse Lilian
    C'était une très belle femme discrète

    1. Oui, absolument. Contrairement à sa belle-fille!