Thursday, March 14, 2013

Derf & Yrma in Chile, Day Four: Phoning It In

"Psst, hey, can you tell me if my presque-zizi is showing?"
Lene Balleby must have read this blog and Royal Dish before dinner last night. The evening's activities were highlighted by Derf and Yrma holding hands very opaquely but without actual intimacy or spontaneity. In the wake of Day Three's mutual hatred between the crown princely couple at the home of an erotic poet, last night's gesture was just as empty and out of tune as Madam's prissy preening in f*ck-me stilettos, tight minidress and overdone smile at a school of all places. Joisuz!
Fake. Self-conscious. Uninterested. Bored. Concerned only with the cameras and her manicure (she switched to a very bogan French mani today). Completely without integrity. Unworthy to be at a human rights museum (General Pinocchio who?). Revolting lack of decency. Leaving everyone in her wake with the impression that Danes are fools and idiots with no personal standards and luscious shoe closets. Way to go, losers.






Photos: Eliseo Fernandez, Martin Høien


  1. She is a nasty piece of trash. Denmark loses with her around.

  2. It must be very difficult living your life in such a disingenuous way. They must know about the criticism towards them. Mary for example has only acquired one new dress this time round - the rest of her clothes have all been worn before. She appears to be walking along or behind Fred, something she didnt do before. They do appear estranged from one another except for that photo of them holding hands, but even then there does not appear to be any warmth between them. Here they were probably informed of the comments made about them again. What an awful way to live.

  3. Cant stand that woman

    Btw billedbladet hardly mentions their trip - not much to say about it I guess. Booooring

  4. You´re right. They don´t love eachother anymore. There is a sense of debt around, but as a couple, they look miserable. I wonder if she realize how far she went with her attitude (superficiality, uncompromise, no authenticity) and if he really understood how difficult was (and is) for her to be a public person with her own personality, with rights and wrongs. She invented that perfection and now she is a victim of it. He fell in love with a woman a bit big, but happy, smart, easy way. I am sure about that, but in those years she couldn´t keep her real personality. She losted it as she losted weight and became an adornment. The only thing she cares now is how she looks and that´s very sad when the flashes ends. I can imagine the sense of emptyness when the show is over. There is a long distance between them and the Netherlands royal couple.

  5. The boganista only concerns herself with superficial things and cares diddly squat for the gracious Chileans and past human rights abuses. Madam's dour looks these past few days signal her distress at having to leave lover boy behind in Denmark, whilst Fred is miserable and pining for a lusty blonde wench with big patooties, instead of that chilly piece of beef jerky he is shackled to. Note that their erstwhile PR team has finally leapt into action, providing us with cutesy candid snaps which show a couple so deeply in love. Lene, what a f-----g joke!

  6. Que du cinéma ! ils ont passé ce voyage au Chili pour essayer de faire voir que le mariage était bon
    Les Danois ne sont pas fous ils savent que c'est faux et qu'ils n'ont pas travaillé
    Cette femme est une folle qui pense qu'à son cul et ses robes

  7. You are a nasty, bitter woman(?). Mary has obviously rejected you at some point and you are not coping with it. You should see a psychiatrist and start on some medication before you implode.