Monday, March 25, 2013

Sportif!: Derf Works Two Days In A Row: Call The Doctor

Looking dubious about being out and about for two days in a row
Freddles looks like he was hit by the whambulance that had been called to pick him up after having to "work" two days in a row. It's pretty pathetic that visiting an aristocrat friend's farm might actually be an ordeal for the boy. Maybe you shouldn't abdicate, Derf. You'd be too shocked out in the real world. If we think you drink too much now! Lordy. But it was for a good cause: Count Christian Moltke runs his estate Bregentved as an extremely green, climate-friendly, sustainable farm, and he is seen as being the model for agricultural endeavors. We are also getting a look at why Fred has grown his hair out along his forehead, despite his best efforts to only present his right side to the camera: brother Derfie is getting a peninsula! He's losing his hair, with the hairline receding as fast as MoreMore in the company of self-confident people. Oh, Fred. Growing out your front peninsula-fringe will just exaggerate the size of the left inlet that has you ressembling your grandfather King Frederik more than ever. Perhaps Madam has a cream you can use. Surely Mary will have things to say about this horrible development. We see you aging, we see you finally killed the sexy, the cute little naughty boy, and what is left in its place is nothing to write home about. Do try to make yourself into someone that is charming and interesting to be around without boyish good looks. Reckon that might be the hardest job of all!


Photos: Keld Navntoft, Nicolaj Rasch Skou


  1. Nice tractor!
    He looks very bad. He´s loossing his hair too early. His body language show us how uncomfortable he is by doing this. Sometimes he has crazy eyes, like in the last picture. Why the Queen let this happen? He is a good sporty boy, send him to Cayx and let him be happy swimming nude and playing tennis with blondes. Joachim, we need you, desperately !!!!

  2. Jeez louise. This guy's the future king? This is sad. I will bet you Denmark becomes a republic soon. When you have a king who doesn't care, how will the people care, ya know?

  3. He looks sick. The tractor is cute and seems to me he´s having fun with it. Is like a kid with a new toy. Poor Denmark, Yrma is going to rule the country while her husband plays around. I am agree, Joachim is the one.

  4. The first photo shows all signs of ageing by binge drinking and putting up with that stupid wannabe mosh. He look likes a man in his late fifties.

  5. Il a l'air complètement stupide et Yrma inutile au Danemark
    Il serait mieux Joachim