Monday, April 1, 2013

Schackenborg, 20 Years: Prince Joachim On His Country Estate And Working Farm

Berlingske has put together a wonderful photographic retrospective of Prince Joachim's 20 year anniversary as proprietor and squire of Schackenborg Slot, the south Jutland country estate where he runs its working farm. Photos include the young prince's first visit to Schackenborg after the announcement that Count Schack and his wife Karin would bequeath the home to Joachim, the renovations not long after moving in, the Alexandra years followed by Marie's enthusiastic assumption of the role of châtelaine. What a lovely country home where the children can roam free and the family can fully integrate itself into the daily life of this small, rural corner of Denmark.

Photos: Claus Fisker, Willy Lund, Thomas Sjørup, Claus Bjørn Larsen, Søren Bidstrup, Keld Navntoft, Nils Meilvang, Jørgen Kølle, Bob Strong


  1. Beautiful place. This prince really shows us how to build in life. I will like him to be the king, he does things right. Pretty picture of Alexandra, nice Marie. Agriculture is a hard work in these latitudes

  2. Nice pile. Alex didn't like it out in the boondocks. Good thing Marie does. I read little Henrik goes to the local kindergarten.

  3. It's a shame that things didn't work with Alexandra. I hadn't seen these pictures of her before. She and Joachim made a lovely couple and they made such beautiful babies! Marie's nice and all, but Alex had that something extra.

    1. Alex had charisma and charm... X-factor

  4. Joachim s'occupe très bien de son domaine, il a un travail sain et c'est la maison du bonheur

    Je n'aimais pas Alexandra je préfère Marie