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The Once and Future Count of Schackenborg: Joachim May Own the Property, But This Is the Count

Interesting little blurb in Sunday's Berlingske newspaper about the "real" Count of Schackenborg, Mik Schack. He is the son of Count Hans and Countess Karin Schack who sold their family homestead for generations in the southwesternmost corner of Denmark to Queen Margrethe. It was sold, according to their son Mik, because they could no longer afford it. Daisy wanted Prince Joachim to have a family estate since Joachim's older brother would be inheriting so many Crown and other properties around Denmark.

What an interesting transaction in 1978 when Joachim was formally introduced to the property who would inherit at his majority, and when Mik was a young man in his twenties making his way in a music and radio career in Copenhagen. Mik was relieved of the duties of taking up farming about as far away from the capital city as one can get, and Joachim had to live with others' decision for him to study agriculture and become part of the landed gentry. Looks like it all worked out for the best for both of them. Schackenborg just celebrated 20 years under Prince Joachim's guidance.

Article: Berlingske

This Is How Mik Schack Said No to Inheriting Schackenborg

The former DR host Mik Schack was actually born a count. Specifically, as Michael Hans Count Schack in 1952.

And actually he is also heir to the Schackenborg Castle.

"Yes, I'm actually Count of Schackenborg. My family had Schackenborg Castle through 11 generations, but could not afford to inherit it, so in 1978 it was taken over by the royal family," said Mik Schack to

"My father told me that it was hopelessly in debt, and it would be too hard for a Copenhagen boy like me. I was not out to play farmer, because I had opened Musikcafeen at Huset and was well on the way there," continues Mik Schack.

From 1977 to 2007, Mik Schack was employed at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, where he created radio programming for music and culture. In 2001, he received the Christian Kryger Prize. Mik Schack plays washboard in a band with Billy Cross and Flemming Ostermann, keeps a beer stand and has the programme Mik Schack Public Service on dk4.

Photo: Niels Mielvang

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  1. He looks like a nice chap. It is a good thing he is not resentful of the deed transfer. Does Jokke invite him to things I wonder?