Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daisy! Spends 73rd Birthday Playing Choose-Your-Heir: The Glorious Schackenborgs or The Porcine Gar-royals of Derfdom

Xian: "Look, Grandma, I wave to da peasants!"
Daisy: "Er, yes, dear, we wave to the people."
Nikolai: "Hello. Nice of you to come."
Henrik: "You like this one better, don't you?"

Hmmm. It's almost as if the queen is offering up an informal referendum on who should be the next heir. Derfie's dishwater-gray, slack-jawed line of half-Picts or Joachim's elegantly refined offspring? If going by looks is the way, guess who wins that round? But that's not exactly fair, now is it? Poor Xian can't help his DNA, and goodness knows he seems to be a more relaxed and less stressed little fellow now that he is in a publically-funded primary school full time, surrounded by caring, middle class teachers and children from loving, fairly anonymous families. But it is hard not to be thrilled by the self-possessed presence and confidence of young Nikolai who seems finally to be hitting his growth spurt. Fluent in two languages, comfortable in four, young Nikolai has the carriage and upbringing of a noble diplomat. His parents have given him an education that is balanced between urban and rural, showing him that unpaid patronages, agricultural pursuits, and life on the public purse carry both responsibilities and privileges. His mother's comfort in religion (mirroring Farmor Daisy's) has given him a strong foundation, to be reinforced soon with his 18 May confirmation. His father's understanding of history has given him pride and humility in his own responsibilities to his nation. His step-parents have shown him the love he needs to accept the things in life he cannot change, while buttressing his self-esteem. His grandfather reaches out to spend one-on-one time with him to demonstrate bonds across the generations and despite divorce. What happy, positive messages Nikolai has been sent throughout his life, and they have resulted in a calm, stable young man who demonstrates a happy equilibrium in his young life. We only have to see this blog's archives to note what Xian is up against, pocket silk or not. Learn a trade, dear boy, and stick to it! It will give you pleasure in life despite whatever else may or may not happen with regards to your family, possible future Miracle Triplet siblings, your job, financial security, overindulgent parents or nation, or worse.

Meanwhile enjoy the show of a very tense Madam La Boganista in her new, loves-it-so-much-she's-worn-it-three-times-already white top with oddly placed turquoise brooch, her daughters in pinafores that look like dank Ladies' College uniforms (will they be sent to a conservative Anglican boarding school in Australia that serves cold porridge for breakfast?), Josie practising her 'chicken anus face' to be like MoreMore, Xian in a blue velvet (!?) jacket like Dandy Daddy Derf, and Princent in one of Xian's old jackets replete with professorial suede elbow patches (evocative of non-tenured, maths autistic Grampy Professor 'Half-Mast' Slurppppppppppppson?). Derf is STRAINING to be there. Marie looks well put together in a lovely blue suit. Athena is in a cute toile de Jouy-print dress with an imperious look, suited for the only daughter in a family of boys with her father wrapped around her little finger. Yrma and Derf have perfected the act wherein they are smiling in the direction of each other, but past each other, so that if you have sugar in your veins, you see a loving couple, and if you have vinegar like us, you see the truth in their act.

Gud Bevare Danmark.

Video: YouTube (via Local Eyes DK)

Video: YouTube

Photo Gallery (by regular Danes): Danish Royal Website

Photo Gallery (past Daisy birthdays): Berlingske





"Why look so sour? You never wanted the job, anyway!"

Photos: Keld Navntoft


  1. La Petite Athena looks like she's teething. I recognize that look from my kids - a frown embedded in fat cheeks. She's the right age for it.

  2. I'll tell ya this, I'm glad that Marie and Joachim aren't whoring out little Henrik by holding him up like he's the greatest thing and the crowd should adore him. We'll see him next year when he's taller and good on them to not use their children as props. As for Mary and Derf, best not to go there!

  3. The kids of the Crown Prince and Princess are just adorable.

  4. Everyone looks happy including M & F even if there is no eye contact between them. Mary loves to wave doesnt she!

  5. Marie and Jokke so obsessed with Athena they forgot they have other children. She is not as adorable as the twins.

  6. The clown family are out in full force to wave like maniac. The bogan looks smug and aging as usual. Her offspring are just plain-looking.

  7. I dont Like looking at fred and yrmas family.

    And jokke and M are to obsessed with athena.

    Get rid of them!

  8. The twin boy looks the best among his siblings. The eldest boy and Josie are obviously blessed with their mother side of donkeyson genes in the looks department. They are adorable mini bogans in Denmark.

  9. Mary, acting, as allways. Fred, hating his job, as allways. The kids, ugly dressed, as allways. The Schakenborgs, as all the parents in this world, loving the little girl while the boys grow up.
    This Mary is like the stuff "MADE IN CHINA", all plastic.

  10. Look at me Marie and the Joke forget they even have a son they leave him to fend for himself, but of course Marie likes to be the center of attention, so why would she care if the child can see or not.

  11. Switch Christian and Vincent position ..
    Vincent should've been born first ... He's the best looking of Ferdles lot.... Adorable kid!

  12. I think that the children of the Schankenborgs do not look very healthy..quite the contrary.