Thursday, April 4, 2013

Derf at FOSS: Entertained By The Mary Donaldson Dancers and Ordered To Bring Home Fat Extraction Unit As Freebie.

FOSS paid top dollar for this excellent Mary doppelganger to entertain the guests - complete with presque-zizi!

Interesting that along with his newly growing-out "JFK" hair that Derf wore a dark blue velvet suit a la Little Lord Fauntleroy for his visit yesterday to the new FOSS Innovation Centre at the company campus near Frederiksborg Castle. All he needed was a lace collar to complete the look! With Rigmor Zobel's father in attendance, "innocent naif" might have been the better image to convey.

Derfie met CEO Nils Foss, no stranger to the royal court, and Nils surely informed our boy of the latest in FOSS engineering: the reinvention of fat analysis with new total fat solution in the Soxtec 8000 extraction unit. Madam has offered her services in the interest of science. She desparately wants to keep middle age at bay with some innovations and technological breakthroughs for moving fat out of her middle area and into the face and neck. Shades of Jane and Patty until then.

Afterwards, Derf cut a ribbon to make it all official, then the real fun came. An acrobatic dancer dressed as Samauri Mary Donaldson entertained the guests and Crown Prince Frederik in a musical dance interlude from the recent epic oeuvre "Rhapsody in Bogan: The Mary Donaldson Story". In presque-zizi (not so presque!), royal blue bogan leggings, accentuated man boobs and facial war paint, the AFUK dancer parodied the catalyst to Little Lord Derfleroy's downfall. Several knowing nods were seen amongst the guests in the audience. Daisy's anti-Yrma PR push to plant seedlings in democratic Danish minds takes one more successful step forward.

This piece is entitled: "Night One: Ballbuster: Bogan Nights In A Sydney Sharehouse: The Fall From Grace Begins"

This piece is entitled "Black Amex Baby: Ride 'Em High, Ride 'Em Hard: Tell Them We Met Through Words: Starmaker Me!" 

This piece is called "Who Me? Shy, Feminine and Timid in Service to Her Majesty (Liz, Not Daisy)"

This piece is entitled "The Pettiness of Bestie Amber: Married Bikie Drugs What?"

Press Release: FOSS

FOSS Invests in New Innovation Centre

The new FOSS Innovation Centre in Hillerød, Denmark was officially opened by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik on the 3 April 2013.

FOSS has invested more than 160 million Danish kr in new buildings and employees in 2012. FOSS achieved in 2012 the best result ever with a growth of 9 %.

With space for more than 300 employees and a complete openness in the building, FOSS wants to inspire to new standards for innovation in a highly flexible and cross-functional collaborative environment. In the 12,000 square metre large, diamond shaped building everyone works in open space from the product developer to the CEO, on floors built around a large atrium in the centre of the building.

"The new Innovation Centre is a cornerstone in our growth strategy. We want to inspire to new standards of innovative behaviour created in an open, flexible and multi-purpose environment," said Torben Ladegaard, CEO of FOSS.

The building is designed by Sahl Architects A/S in cooperation with Viborg Ingeniørerne A/S, which also had the full responsibility for the construction of the building. The interior design company, Formsprog, has been responsible for the building interior and the colour design. FOSS Innovation Centre is placed on Foss Allé 1 on a 10 hectare ground with a view to Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, situated close to the other FOSS buildings in Hillerød.


Peter Zobel

Photos: Lars Skov


  1. Ok, that dancer is hilarious (Why? lol) and I see the ressemblence to Moshpit. she probably also tries to have those six pack abs. Did Frodo run screaming from the room during the bogan show? Bad memories Freddie? Your own fault!

    I clicked on the photograph of Lord Flauntleroy and holy cow it really does look like Frodo now with his longer bangs. He does not look like JFK sorry no way.

    1. Sorry sorry, I grew up under JFK and, yes, CP Frederik does look like him, I noticed that right away. Especially lately after changing his hairstyle.

  2. Cece, your commentary about the dancer and pic captions brought me tears of laughter! Excellent! Fred is morphing into a Kennedy in third last pic, teef an' all. Let's hope he can find an Onassis to lure his wife away for good.