Friday, April 5, 2013

Finnish State Visit, Day Two: Sportif! So Freddles Is Turned On By the Highly Pregnant Bellies of Other Men's Wives, Not His Own. Got It.

This, children, is called a "hard-on". And you thought only Mary could get them!
Smart of Daisy to make sure adorable and highly preggers Environmental Minister Ida Auken was on the boat tour that Frisky Freddles took with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in the Copenhagen harbour. Not only does she have the Prince of Wales seal of approval, but she's evidently got our boy Derfie charmed. Makes him feel like the young buck he once was, alive, reminded of feminine charms and smart chicks who feel confident enough to call out the world on its problems, and yet bring new life into it. What are these feelings of happiness and blood rushing to his naughty zones? Such new sensations! Feelings not felt for several years, in fact! No wonder Mary wasn't on any agenda for today's portion of this state visit. Her turn-ons are rich invertebrates and shoe sales.
Even BT noticed and got naughty wondering what could possibly be in Derf's pockets in a whole article about his good mood and her big tummy. Yeah, iPhones. So what's in his MIDDLE pocket? How do you say one-eyed trouser snake in Danish, hm? What a change from the other day when Derfie was entertained by The Mary Donaldson Dancers who seemed to leave him rather, hm, flaccid?
Earlier in the day, the President of Finland and his wife were allowed to take part in the traditional Scritching Upon the Window Pane that goes down at Fredensborg with all visiting royals and foreign heads of state.
Later on at the return dinner hosted by the Finnish President, MoreMore turned up in a mullet nightie in a weird attempt to emit a British nanny in the Jane Austen goes bogan vein, as opposed to the Scotch Nanny vibe she usually gives out based on Frederik's love for his old Nanny Bobo. Signalling to Kate Middleton that no one would be better to be a godmother to the new British heir than a goo' Scots lass? Give it up, Mares. By the way, nice figure Mrs. Haukio!
Article: BT
See The Photos: What Was In The Crown Prince's Pockets?
While Ida Auken aired her beautiful, pregnant belly, Crown Prince Frederik turned out with his pockets full. But what do they contain?

Actually it should be the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö, who got the most attention, because during his two-day state visit to Denmark, he was on cruise harbour cruise Friday. But instead it was two Danish representatives who stole the show.

On board were the heavily pregnant Environment Minister Ida Auken (SF) and Crown Prince Frederik. And the pictures from the event separates the two out.

Ida Auken's unborn baby and the big belly sneaked more images more or less accidentally out of her jacket, which makes one smile.

At the same time Crown Prince Frederik might have worn inordinately tight pants for the occasion. At least they are so tight that it is hard to see what he has been crushed down into his pockets. The contours reveal that the crown prince apparently has two smartphones. A conservative guess is that one is an iPhone.

The Crown Prince was otherwise fashionably dressed in a dark blue suit with a light chequered shirt and a brown scarf.



Photos: Keld Navntoft, Corbis, Lehtikuva


  1. I love Margrethe blouse, just beautiful. As you can notice, Yrma, the wax woman, had no money to buy more fabric. She looks ready to get into her coffin.

  2. Uh, damn Frodo. That's quite a salute you got going there.
    But why isn't anyone paying much attention to the visiting Finns? Frodo can't stop flirting to remember his mummy sent him to discuss political gobbledygook with a Nordic head of state. Instead, his meat radar finds the closest blonde and tally ho!

  3. That dress Mary is wearing was supposed to look like Valentino but ends up looking like Gunne Sax. Huge fail.

  4. is mary pregnant????

    1. No she 's not. Lene Balleby confirmed just days ago she's NOT expecting.

    2. I hope not!
      4 must be enough.

  5. Look at mé!!!!

  6. Fred looks so happy.
    Hé never looks Luke that aroubd yrma.

    Wake up fred. You and Denmark deserve A bew woman!

  7. The dress is designed for young willowy woman. Mary's got an old, harsh, tired face, and it doesn't suit her at all. It is just another example of "mutton dressd like a lamb".

  8. Elle est horrible avec cette robe ! elle se croit teen ager mais elle oublie son âge....pauvre fille !!!! complètement nulle

  9. She looks like a mummy, ready to get into her coffin

  10. Crown Princess Mary always look very elegant.

  11. No it's Queen Margrethe who is looking regal and elegant.

    What happened Mary? Did a dog chew off the front bottom of your dress?? Haha

    Too bad the dog left her cankles behind .. Hahahaha