Friday, April 5, 2013

Fredensborg Fakkeltog: Villagers With Torches March To Daisy's House, Turn Around When They Realise MoreMore Wasn't Invited

Every year after Holy Week, Daisy and Henri travel from Marselisborg near Aarhus to their summer home Fredensborg and their arrival heralded at the annual Scouts' "fakkeltog", or torchlit festival. All the villagers in the town surrounding Fredensborg Slot come down the street to the castle grounds and welcome the monarch, carrying torches that cast a lovely light in the early evening darkness. Lovelier still would be if those villagers were more revolutionary and a touch less welcoming?
Very interesting, however, is that Mary and Derf weren't present. They have supposedly moved back to Kancellihuset full time and that's practically in front of the place where Daisy and Henrik are standing in these photies. They have been there before? More disregard of The Mary Thinggie in preparation for Joachim's future transition to king? Mary's fall from grace continues!
Daisy will be in town until 10 April, when she heads down to Italy where she will be until the 14th opening the "Wild Swans" exhibit in Rome at the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme.

Photos: Allan Nørregaard

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