Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oop$ies, They're On To U$ About Over$pending: But But But It Take$ Money To Be Thi$ Fabulou$!

The DRF's Annual Report was released today. The Danish royals don't have a good track record with this money stuff - and that's with a boatload of freebies. If this were money spent on Derf's psychotherapist, it would be better spent. But Madam MoreMore's Prada and private holidays in Australia and endless nude shoe collection along with mooring fees in London for the Dannebrog for a couple of weeks and Daisy's state occasion parties really cause alarm. Give the people what they want, then make 'em pay for it! Shades of France, 1789. Pas på, Daisy!

Both serious, pro-monarchy Berlingske and it's sister-paper BT have articles today on the royal deficit (Berlingske ran the story with the above photie of the whole family and BT went with the below photie of just the Derfsons). Public commentary online is not possible. Daisy and Co. have come in over a million kroner over budget due to last year's 40th Jubilee and the London Olympics during which the royals entertained Danish athletes and others on the Dannebrog, moored at We$t India Dock$. Crickey, can you imagine that bill alone? Good thing MoreMore and Derfie are on separate continents this week (she's in NYC and he's in Peru) until the storm blows over and Danes are back in line with the status quo.

Article: BT

The Royal House Has a Million Kroner Deficit - See How Big It Is

It was expensive to be queen in 2012. State visits and jubilee has been among the major items which means that the royal family came out of 2012 with a deficit of nearly 1.8 million.

Monarchy was thus an income last year of 78,097,574 kroner, while expenditure amounted to 80,772,552 kroner, according to the statements that have been published on Wednesday.

"As shown in the income statement, the period was a loss of 1,780,352 kroner profit was impacted by a number of major events and visits that particular should be highlighted Queen's 40th Anniversary Government in January, the state visit from China in May and the royal family's presence at the Olympic Games in London," says the annual report.

The Queen's jubilee in January last year was celebrated with a carriage ride through Copenhagen, a gala performance at DR Concert Hall and a gala dinner at Christiansborg, while the queen during her stay in London for the summer Olympics held several receptions on the Dannebrog for the Danish Olympic participants, among others. During the Games, the royal family stayed on the Dannebrog, which was docked in the British capital.

The royal deficit will be transferred to the royal family's equity capital for 31 December 2012 according to the report amounted to 18,107,280 kroner.

Back in 2004, the Crown lost as much as 17 million kroner, which was largely due to the Crown Prince Couple's wedding on 14 May and the refurbishment of their home at the Chancellery House at Fredensborg Palace. The following year, however, showed more control of the finances, and the royal family presented a financial report for 2005, which was almost in balance.

In 2011, the royal family had a profit of 975,499 kroner.


  1. They don't care. There is no place for royalty in the modern world.

  2. Monarchy does not bother me too much if the lot of them do a decent job, live within the allocated budget and are not out of touch with their employers (i.e. taxpayers). However, the so-called senior royals in drf seem to live in their own little world, and think so high of themselves. They are just a joke.

  3. Well, Fred and Yrma: What about if you make some money by working in something, like the rest of the people around you? Raise your children, so you won´t pay nannies; cook your own meals, drive your cars, clean up your mess in palace and answer the telephone. Teach your children to do something for themselves, the lottery of being royals is running out!

  4. I completely agree, get a job which goes for all in DRF!
    BUT please do not encourage nor Fred nor Yrma to drive their owne cars, remember Fred drunk driving in the 1990's after New Year and MoreMore is a real traffic risk already in Østerbro when picking up her mini freeloaders she could have killed that cyclist last time she drove to Izzy's ballet class, so Fred and Yrma, no driving, you both suck at driving, so take the bike or the bus like rest of people in Copenhagen, also good for nature/ anti pollution that you claim to be so found of

  5. Decommission the bloody Danneborg just like the Britanica . It's expensive to upkeep and really has no place in today's recession. Denmark Royal family = Bunch of over indulged pretentious greedy pigs!!!
    (Sorry pigs!)

    Also take away Mary's AMEX card ..bitch is too fond of shopping she needs to find a new hobby to cure her depression when Ferdles go blonde hopping