Monday, April 15, 2013

Sportif! Crown Prince "JFK" Freddles Took New Fancy Boy Act To Forest For Kids Race. Xian and Izzy Stay Home.

"Congratulations to ... wait, is that a blonde over there?"

Last year, Derfie-Doodle took Xian and Izzy to this race in the woods. This year he just took his new long hair. Perhaps Derf and Yrma are getting their children used to the one on, one off routine of split households? Should we look for "alone on a cold beach" photies of Madam trying to handle four children soon, as a counterweight to Derf showing up at an official event as the race dandy, even if he is also looking a bit tiny and pudgy?

This was the Find Your Way in Denmark project in Hillerød near Kancellihuset and Derf was here to present the IOC trophy to Helge Søgaard. Well, it's sports related. And kids related. Even if he isn't exhibiting the consistency that a parent should ideally show their offspring. Golf clap for showing up, even in fancy red pants and knitted cardigan? Has the bar really been lowered that much?



Photos: Torkil Adsersen, Krestine Havemann

1 comment:

  1. Red pants?? Seriously? Ughhh
    Only if you're an openly gay fashion designer like tom ford , marc Jacobs ...

    Ferdles trying too hard ...
    And Fredericki really is SHORT! Lucky Joachim got all the height in the family