Monday, April 30, 2012

Daddy Derf Lost In Denmark: Izzy Leads the Way Forward

Thank goodness for Our Izzy to pull Daddy Derf out of his funk and back into a non-drug-enduced Happy Place. Too bad about that mouth-breather of an older brother of hers, but the joke's on him. He looks like a Donaldson and gets to be the illustrious last king of Denmark. Iz, you get freedom and some money to pursue it to the fullest. What a spark. Stay tight with your papa, he seems to really love you and care about your well-being. See if you can convince him to give Nanny a few kroner to go out and buy you a little brush and barrette. (See, men aren't so good at that stuff. Remind him that MoreMore got her umpteenth black-lace-over-nude-lining dress and picked up a new tux for your pops, too.) Running around will be much more fun with your hair neatly pulled out of your face. This Cosette look's gotta go, hon. Love you!

Photo Gallery: Berlingske

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