Friday, April 13, 2012

Daisy in Rome: Presidential Level Promotions for Daisy's Kleenex Art

What a gap divider, that Daisy! Bring Presidents and découpage together at last. Not that anyone in the EU has anything better to do. Greece burns, Spain nears the tipping point, plenty of other members in the sick ward. But oblivious, kroner-happy Daisy keeps up the pace of sharing the art that normally decorates the humble tissue dispenser. Denmark's going to need a lot more of those as time goes on and the tears fall as they realise their resources are wasted on trumping up this family. Daisy may well be as narcissist as Yrma - and therefore mostly blind to Yrma's shenanigans - but Daisy was also born royal, and the general thinking in her circles is that one doesn't "go there" or rock the boat. (Yrma'd clock a bitch, as one does with dockside heritage.) So, status quo for our friends in Viking land. Enjoy the spring chill; your monarch is living it up in the southern sun, pulling out that old crow about how Mummy and Far got engaged at the Hassler Hotel near the Spanish Steps (as Derfie was required to do while the JJ Film crew waited outside the room to again follow the couple around town for the "surprise", "unplanned", "spontaneous" engagement to Miss Boganson - Daisy admittedly is excellent at stage management, much better than Yrma).

So, off to visit the new president of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, who himself like Dais is a head of state and so is an ancient creature not actually bothered by the rigours of governing and trying to move his country into a prosperous, egalitarian, post-showgirl age. When, when one thinks of the aging showgirl Yrma - with her boop-boop-pi-doo, over-the-shoulder camera winks, curly Kate Middleton weave, wonky cheek fillers and bare legs under wind-blown skirts - one wonders when Denmark embrace a post-showgirl era by ditching their own embarrassing Bogansconi disaster.

Article with Photo Gallery: The Huffington Post

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