Monday, April 30, 2012

Reumert Awards for Performing Arts: Yrma Rudely Stares at Cameras and Little People!


These photies reveal five core things about Yrma: 1) she doesn't like being touched as seen in the photo of her squeamishly reeling from being aided by the poor launch captain (but doesn't have the kindness to inspire such behaviour in her husband); 2) she's completely unroyal as demonstrated by her somewhat aghast staring at the little person standing close to her; 3) despite her official entry into early middle age, she's still playing her only card (sexpot to deter from lack of intelligence or substance), looking more and more desparate as her mid-section and visage belie the fillers and the stretch marks on her Spanx (the dress with its different coloured linings doesn't help); 4) she's a camera-whore par excellence, ignoring all and sundry to find the cameras to play to a fantasy antipodal audience falling in love with her again as they see these photos in a 12 page spread of the Sunday broadsheets at breakfast, demanding a new Looker Me! Tour and a petition against Westminster's rule; and 5) she is still playing to the British Royal Family by putting Derfie into a new, double-breasted tuxedo just like Charles wears. (Mary may need those pommie bastards off of her Aussie throne, but she still needs their approval - a strange, but not uncommon Commonwealth dilemma.) Double-breasted jackets are typically for men with girth, as they straddle one's middle expanse much better than a single breasted jacket à la Henri, with the potential projectile of that single, straining button. Maybe she's planning to fatten him up for the final slaughter?
The 2012 Reumert Awards took place at the Opera That Mærsk Built, across the water from Amalienborg. The guests represented some of the country's finest actors, directors and other performers. Note Maibritt 'Søs' Saerens' satirical ode to skanky Mary Donaldson by wearing a crystal-encrusted bra under a halter top - well-played, madam!

Video: TV2

Photo Gallery: BT

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  1. That Collette Dinnigan dress looked far better on Nicole Kidman. There's no contest really. Why did Myra even bother wearing it?