Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Knud Treatment?: Rehabilitation to the Joachim Model, Or Gentle Introduction to Kong Joachim?


Ah, look at the silly little Dumbledork. Still all jittery and immature and lacking total composure as he receives guests in his own home. Yesterday, Prince Joachim in his capacity as patron of the Danish Diabetes Association, received the participants in the European Diabetes Leadership Forum at a reception at Amalienborg. Since the Schackenborg tribe are currently allotted an attic garret for their Copenhagen living quarters, Joachim's guests were received at brother Derfie's multi-million kroner pad.

Underscoring the stark difference in their living arrangements is the confusing fact that the elegant, regal, fully upright gentleman in the two person receiving line is the younger brother - and therefore legal subordinate - to the doofus at his right. Fred even seems to curtsey to one of the women guests. He does get SO confused. Madam must make him curtsey to her every morning; old habits are hard to change.

One thing that is still unclear about the evening is how distracting the bangs, bumps and cries from the private Bogan Quarters upstairs were to the guests? Or how well the guests enjoyed the Vegemite on toasts served (Madam's larder is not well stocked)? Or if Mary "accidentally" left a mink teddy bear in the corner as an excuse to retrieve it in a see-through chiffon evening robe? Nah. She only saves that stuff from when the cameras are taking note.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Photos: Martin Sylvest Andersen, Scanpix Denmark/Lehtikuva

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  1. He looks like such an idiot. Smirking all the time and he always looks like he just rolled out of bed.