Friday, April 20, 2012

Hologram Helle Receives at Home at Gavnø Slot

Hologram Helle is receiving at a level that should embarrass her good friend Yrma, the Crown Princess of Denmark. She's opening up her large castle "for the season"; making announcements about this summer's event at the castle including the arrival of the World Ballet; and a little entertainment for those assembled in the guise of a few opera solos. Noice! More than Madam la Comtesse de Monpezat can muster! Course, doesn't bother Baroness Helle one bit to also add bottles of her home brewed beer to the table as a little advertising. Too bad for Mary that she can't be as blatant about her commercial contracts!

Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott welcomed her guests in the Knights Hall at Gavnø Castle at the annual season opening. Helle Reedtz-Thott presented a new exhibition of the new china Flora, inspired by the world's most exclusive frames Flora Danica. Opera singer Jens-Christian Wandt gave a taste of what awaits guests when the World Ballet comes to Gavnø Castle this summer. Here he sings "In the Light Nights." Jens-Christian Wandt announces that Gavnø Palace this summer will have the opportunity to present both ballet and opera, when the solo dancers from The Royal Ballet of London visit the historic parklands and perform with the World Ballet.


  1. Those twigs in the center of the table seem fitting for Hells, as they're 1. twigs, 2. resemble antlers, which makes me think of hunting, which makes me think of death, and 3. resemble barbed wire, which for some reason, also makes me think of Helle/death.