Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alexandra, Prince Henrik & Various Members of Team Schackenborg Take In New Tivoli Comedy Show

Linie 3 is one of Denmark's most notorius comedy troupes and one of the stars is Preben Kristensen, the husband of Yrma's hairdressor Søren Hedegaard. They've opened a new show at Tivoli and le tout Copenhagen came out on 12 April to catch the premiere. An interesting cross section of all your favourites from Trine Villemann's Copenhagen 1015 were there: Derfie's school chum Ellen Hillingsø; Count Michael and Countess Caroline Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille, partners with Joachim in De 5 Gårde; stylist Dennis Knudsen who has fussed over both Princess Marie and Frex Ex Maria Montell; Joachim bestie Oscar Davidsen Siesbye and his mother, smørrebrød queen Ida Davidsen (they have sandwiches on their menu honouring all members of the royal family (including still the "Princess Alexandra"), except for Yrma (!!); beleaguered private secretary to Yrma Caroline Heering and her husband Peter, Derfie's lifelong friend; Bent Fabricius-Bjerre and his wife Camilla; Prince Henrik, Countess Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen round out the invited guests. No Yrma (allergies to cultural events and laughing at jokes in Danish are just debilitating, poor dear). No Derfie (allergies to work are just debilitating, poor dear). So, Daisy sent Lene Balleby to keep an eye on things. Too many Team Schackenborg members in one place with drinks flowing afterward at the Hotel Royal and lots of laughs is a threat to the Crown Princely Court!

Panorama View: Tivoli's Glass Hall Theatre

Photo Gallery: Starlounge

Oscar Siesbye and his mother, restauranteur Ida Davidsen.

Ellen Hilligsøe and Countess Caroline Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille

Michael and Caroline Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille

Dennis Knudsen


Preben Krestensen is on the far left.

Preben is dressed as Woody the cowboy in this skit.

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