Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Court's Annual Report Released: Derf & Yrma Spend From The Money Tree: FU Danes!

                                           Party time at Cayx!!! Look what the Danes bought us!

The Danish Royal Court has today issued their Annual Report. Good news for Danes: no red numbers! Bad news: your head might spin off your shoulders from the more positive presentation of bad numbers. These two cost too damn much and no indication of the right or wrong of their spending. Let's see the receipts for a change!

Mostly this is sad. The Report includes a preface to the numbers which is a bit of an accounting of the activities and duties of the court. A bit of rah-rah-rah to get you thinking how much they must sweat. Pff. As pertains to Derf and Yrma, they seem to try to justify their boondoggle to America by reminding you, dear reader, that the two were interviewed by The Today Show and The New York Times even ran an article on their visit. That's all ya got, Grey Men? The court barely mentions the Australia visit, and when they do they try to pass it off onto Derf's weak shoulders (to avoid accusations of just another Looker Me! Tour by former Potts Point "salesgirl" Mary Donaldson). I guess after you admit that it was undertaken - officially - under the guise of going green, saying anything about all the flying and moving about for a huge team of minders, LIWs, secretaries, nannies plus Miracle Twins and 20 pieces of luggage would just be stretching poor Court Chief/Derfie Babysitter Christian Schønau too much.

Annual Report: Danish Royal Website

The Crown Princely Couple made two official business and cultural promotion visits in the U.S. and Australia, where both visits received great media attention. The promotion "Creative and Healthy for Life" in New York and Boston in October focused on Denmark's position in the field of digital solutions in health, active living and sustainability in architecture and gastronomy. The Crown Princely Couple gave an interview to The Today Show on NBC and The New York Times.
During the official visit to Australia in November, the Crown Prince was at the head of a Danish campaign under the theme "State of Green - Join the Future. Think Denmark ", with a participating business delegation of more than 60 companies. The Crown Prince traveled from Australia on to Vietnam on an official visit as part of the celebration of the 40-year diplomatic relations between Denmark and Vietnam.


The government allowance for the Royal Couple is defined in the 2004 Act on Annuities to Crown Prince Frederik. The performance will be referred to as the law of annuities. Adjustment of annuities will follow the same principles as described for the Queen's state performance.

Key figures for the Crown Prince's annuities (in DKK)
Income Statement
Revenue: 18,538,981 (2011); 18,132,000 (2010)
Expenses: 18,476,737 (2011); 18,100,000 (2010)
Financial items, net: 4,062 (2011); 9,000 (2010)
Net profit: 66,306 (2011); 41,000 (2010)
Fixed assets: 2,828,330 (2011); 1,774,000 (2010)
Total current assets: 1,250,502 (2011); 2,603,000 (2010)
Total assets: 4,078,832 (2011); 4,377,000 (2010)

Equity: 129,106 (2011); 63,000 (2010)
Total current liabilities: 3,949,726 (2011); 4,314,000 (2010)
Total liabilities: 4,078,832 (2011); 4,377,000 (2010)

Net profit of 66,306 kroner transferred to equity.
The Crown Princely Couple moved into Frederik VIII's Palace at the end of 2010. In connection with moving, furniture and office equipment were purchased, which affected the total procurement of goods and services in 2010. In 2011, there has remained higher spending for furniture and furnishing of the palace, which was not covered by the state construction grant. This explains the VAT refund amount of 2.4 million kroner (see page 15). Furthermore, the pair had a significant travel activity in connection with official duties."

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