Monday, April 23, 2012

The Rehabilitation of The Derfster: Continuing Saga: Where Will He Go From Here?

After drying his tears from Saturday's funeral, Derfie got on with his gray-men-authorised PR rehab schedule and showed up sober and fairly interested at the opening of a new rehab centre for military veterans (it's always easier to get him places in a good mood without Madam La Crétine anywhere nearby). Here, Derfie once again sees what real men in Denmark have to go through on a daily basis. Strengthening the body after war isn't exactly the same as strengthening the spirit after having married a monstrous narcissist who diminishes your every move and thought until the cameras come out and she decides to love you again. But hopefully inspiration will come to the boy: "if they can do that, then I can surely shake off Mary Donaldson?" That's it, Fred. Keep those thoughts moving.

Article: BT

The Crown Prince Opens New Rehabilitation Centre for Soldiers

Today Crown Prince Frederik inaugurated the new rehabilitation center at the Garderkasserne in Hovelte. Since Frederik is the patron of the Soldier's Legation association, he had therefore been asked to cut the red ribbon, when the new centre in North Zealand was inaugurated Monday morning. Soldier's Legation is an independent foundation, which helps former soldiers who have been injured, get on with their lives. After the ribbon was properly clipped, Crown Prince was shown around the centre. Here he saw how the exercise machines can help to retrain Danish soldiers who have been wounded in body or soul. It was a very attentive, interested and attentive crown prince, who toured the center. Here he met several current soldiers who have served in Afghanistan. The soldiers were either injured or have suffered an injury in terms of congestion of the body. "This places namely great physical challenges to the soldiers to carry around the heavy equipment under extreme conditions such as extreme heat and allow it to be fired when deployed to Afghanistan," says Ann-Christina Salquist from Soldier's Legation.

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